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Video Production Training in San Diego

Looking to start a career in film & video and looking for video production training in San Diego ? MediaTech Institute has you covered. We are one of the few schools that teach you hands on video production skills from day one. MediaTech knows that you learn the best by doing, and from your first day at school you will get the hands-on experience that you need. Don’t worry about being ready for the ever-changing landscape of New Media, we hire only industry trained veterans to teach our students. This is good for two reasons. One: you learn actual working Read more
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Video Production Programs in San Diego

Are you looking to get into the fast-paced and exciting career with our Video Production Programs in San Diego ?┬áMediatech Institute wants to excel you career in production with our Film & Video Production degree program. With our accelerated 45 week program, we’ll have you educated from the ground up and out into the job market in less than a year. This industry moves fast, and with professional tools being made available to the public at low costs, being educated in what makes a great video, and the production efforts involved is what separates the amateurs from the professionals. Job Read more