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Have you always wanted to study abroad in the United States? Do you “learn by doing”, and love hands-on learning experiences? MediaTech Institute welcomes students worldwide to study their craft at our Dallas and Houston campuses- MTI is the place for you!

MediaTech Institute is an ACCSC-accredited institution for those pursuing a creative technological degree or vocational diploma, and we are proud to celebrate a diverse student body. 

We are proud to open our doors to international students and offer our top-notch educational unique programs to you! 

As an international student, you will need to complete some additional steps after submitting your admissions application. Please contact our Admissions staff to assist you with the application process.

Form I-20

After applying, a SEVIS (Student and Exchange Visitor Information System) record is created for the admitted student, and a Form I-20 is sent out by the institute to which the student applied. 

A Form I-20 is a document supplied by educational institutions like MTI that are approved by the US government to educate international students.  The  Form I-20  certifies an international student’s admission and sufficient financial resources to attend school in the USA, and allows an individual to apply for a F-1 student visa. 

Documentation needed for the Form I-20 includes funds verification, English proficiency, proof of completion of high school or equivalent education, a completed I-20 information form, and a valid passport. 

Paying the SEVIS Fee and Applying for Visa

After completion of the first steps, students must pay the SEVIS fee before setting up an interview to apply for their F-1 visa. Visit the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP) website to learn more about SEVIS and the SEVIS I-901 Fee. The fee is currently $350 US dollars.

M-1 visas do not require the SEVIS fee, but do have separate requirements and fees, so determine which type of visa you are eligible to interview and apply for ahead of time.  

Be sure to schedule your visa interview with your country’s US embassy or consulate beforehand, as wait times fluctuate by country and season. You will need to provide your Form I-20 and associated documents to the interview to ensure your visa application approval. 

Arrival and Education at MediaTech Institute

Once all the steps are completed and you have received your M-1 or F-1 visa, you can start planning your arrival in the United States, no more than 30 days prior to your selected program start date. 

You will need to supply your Form I-20 documentation and valid visa to US Customs and Border Protection at the port of entry. 

International students are welcomed and celebrated at MediaTech Institute for the multicultural experiences they bring to our creative and technological arts classrooms. All international students are required to maintain a full-time course load while attending a US educational institution. 

If you determine you need employment as an international student, be sure to read up on the limitations of working in the US for your type of visa. All employment must be approved beforehand, even when on-campus or related to your line of study. 

International Students SEVIS Info

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MediaTech Institute for International Students

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