Student Spotlight – Nyeela Love

by | Mar 12, 2024

Nyeela “Ny” Love is a MediaTech Institute graduate, and an enthusiastic filmmaker currently working to build her production company “Love Wins Media”. She has felt a passion and love for film since she was 6 years old, fascinated by watching “Little Shop of Horrors”- and thus her dream of becoming an actress and working in film was born.

Not everyone’s path to their goals are the same, which is what makes creatives so interesting as they relay their stories of success. Ny’s story started young, and ended her up at Columbia College in Chicago, majoring in Theatre with a concentration in Acting. While she wasn’t able to complete her education at Columbia College- she continued working towards her goal by working as a life coach for creatives in LA, helping creatives like herself achieve life goals. During this time of her career, she picked up whatever film experience and knowledge she could. 

In 2022, Love decided to move to Dallas and continued her education at MediaTech Institute, in the Film and Video Production degree path. Her time at MTI gave her hands-on experience in many production roles like acting, acting coaching, photography, videography, live broadcasting skills, technical directing, floor directing, producing, script supervising, assistant directing, prop master work, and wardrobe supervision. Testing the waters in so many different roles allowed Nyeela to really hone her love for the craft, and understand multiple facets of the filmmaking process.

Upon her graduation in 2024, as the Film Program Valedictorian, Nyeela continued to serve her clients through “Love Wins Media”, while staying on top of the newest tools, trends, and tech available in the industry to keep herself at the top of her game after graduation. She values creating meaningful entertainment that blur the lines between mental health and healthy relationships, while still being an intriguing, fun, and captivating experience for the world, and uses her knowledge to achieve those aspects in her projects.  

To hear more about her story, here’s a video of Nyeela talking about her experience at MediaTech Institute. 

Her most current personal projects include an upcoming reality TV show, and other short form video projects like “Ella-Mental: She lives”, a thriller that was released last May. She currently works as a Script Supervisor and Booth Production Assistant for “Dr. Phil” and works as a Video Live Streaming Technical Director for Granicus. While staying busy with these gigs, she also facilitates personal and career development workshops for underserved communities- sharing what amazing things people can do from any background. 

As a lover of life and the arts, Nyeela’s life’s motto is to “love all, serve all ” and to share that energy with the world. Eventually, she plans to build talent agencies in underprivileged areas to provide access to those that are overlooked when it comes to the arts. She spends most of her free time studying film, being a foodie, and dancing to the beat of her own drum! 

MediaTech Institute is proud to call Nyeela “Ny” Love a graduate of our Film program, and cannot wait to see and share where her prosperous career goes from here. Be sure to check out our offered programs to start chasing your own film dreams today!

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