The Next Generation of Streaming

by | Jan 25, 2024

Ever since the first video streaming platforms hit the market, there has been no pause to the technological progress of streaming capabilities. Netflix began as a mail order DVD business before the technology was available to offer in-home streaming. Now look at the streaming market, filled with competitors like Disney owned Hulu, Disney+, Paramount+, Crunchyroll, live streaming YouTube, Twitch, and so on to hit nearly all viewing niches.

It is important for industry hopefuls to understand how resolution and frame rate innovation affects the work they wish to do, and at MediaTech Institute we stay on top of tech advancements so our students have the best shot in the quickly changing entertainment industries. 

The next generation of streaming is pushing the boundaries of what we previously thought possible. From higher resolutions to increased frame rates and cutting-edge features from streaming services, we recognize that we are on the cusp of redefining the way we experience visual content yet again! 

Let’s explore the forefront of streaming innovation, where unprecedented clarity and cinematic smoothness mark the beginning of a new era in digital entertainment.

Resolution Revolution:

The days of pixelated images and blurry visuals are fading into the past as next-generation streaming takes center stage. Streaming of videos on our phones has become seamless, portable, and part of everyday life.  Streaming services are now offering higher resolutions, bringing us closer to a level of detail that was once reserved for physical media and the cinema. 

4K and even 8K resolutions are becoming the new standard, offering viewers a visual feast that captures every nuance and detail with breathtaking clarity. The result is an immersive experience that rivals the quality of the cinematic experience, right at home!

Frame Rate Capabilities Take a Leap Forward:

Smooth motion is crucial for a truly immersive visual experience, and next-generation streaming is elevating frame rates to new heights. Traditional streaming often capped frame rates, leading to choppy visuals and a less-than-optimal viewing experience. Now, with the popularity of streaming services through Twitch, Youtube, and other social media, choppy visuals make for less viewership.

At MediaTech Institute, our Digital Film students and our Animation and Digital effects Students graduate with a tool kit of knowledge, like how movies tend to be shot in approximately 24 FPS, (or 48 FPS if you’re Peter Jackson filming “The Hobbit” films). A rule of note in animating is 24 FPS as well.

If you’re looking to work in live TV, you’ll learn that newscasts and live events are often shot and viewed at 30 FPS, giving a more “real life” immersive effect with a few extra frames per second. While these frame rates rarely change, with the exception of some experiments like “The Hobbit” movies,  we now have a whole other world of streamed entertainment available at our fingertips. 

Other media like video games and live streaming platforms are pushing the envelope with FPS rates higher than 60 for our watching and immersion pleasure. The tech is allowing for content creators to create more immersive bonds and experiences for their viewers. A lot of the limitations for smooth streaming at 1080P and above have to do with internet bandwidth- but luckily 5G technology is improving at a remarkable rate so smoother broadcasts (and viewing experiences) are becoming more attainable.

The Rise of 5G: Catalyst for Seamless Streaming:

The advent of 5G technology is acting as a catalyst for the seamless delivery of high-quality, next-generation streaming. With faster and more reliable connections, viewers can enjoy their favorite content without buffering or lag. 

The combination of 5G and next-generation streaming is unlocking the potential for real-time, high-fidelity streaming experiences for the masses.

In conclusion, as we journey further into the next generation of streaming we are seeing higher resolutions, increased frame rates, and cutting-edge features  reshaping our digital experiences, offering unprecedented clarity and cinematic smoothness in our homes and on the go. Video streaming isn’t going anywhere, from streaming TV and movies, to watching streamed content on social media from our phones. 

At MediaTech, we educate our students to stay on top of technological advancements in their respective fields. Check out our offered programs today and get your career kickstarted with hands-on, state of the art education. 

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