The Love of Filmmaking at MTI

by | Feb 14, 2024

If you’re like us, we can’t believe it’s already February, aka… the month of love! While many celebrate romantic relationships, or watch cheesy love movies while yearning for love this month, there’s another kind of love affair happening at MediaTech Institute. We’re talking about our passionate dedication to the art of filmmaking and video production.

MediaTech Institute’s Film and Video Production Program is cupid’s perfect match for aspiring filmmakers, and the ideal place for fostering their love for the craft while also providing the knowledge and skills needed for success in this industry.

Passion for Filmmaking

February is a month dedicated to expressing love, and at MediaTech Institute, that love extends to the art of filmmaking. Does your love for movies go beyond watching your favorite films on repeat? Do you find yourself interested in how movies, music videos, and other video content is made? Or are you already working in production and looking to enhance your skill with additional education?

MTI is a haven for those who want to harbor their love for movie making, tv production, and so on. Given there are so many applications for a film and video production degree, you can’t go wrong with seeking education in it if you are passionate.  But why find that education at MediaTech specifically? 

Happy you asked…

Hands-On Education

For one, MediaTech Institute goes beyond traditional education by offering hands-on learning experiences in all of our offered programs. Aspiring filmmakers don’t just study theory; they need to actively engage in the filmmaking process. Students take classes covering multiple facets of production, like Music Video Production and Screenwriting to name a couple. From pre production, to scripting, lighting, shooting, to editing in post- students get their hands dirty and can really figure out what their dream position is in production.

We ensure our graduates gain invaluable practical experience that sets them apart in the competitive film production industry. This goes hand in hand with how our curriculum is designed to be industry-relevant. Our students are taught by instructors who have their own practical experience in the field, offering priceless insights into the current demands and expectations in the production realm. 

MediaTech Institute doesn’t just teach filmmaking; it nurtures a love in students for real-world, filmmaking success. Learn how to be on a set and everything that entails- like learning how to properly coil cable, or running industry-quality camera setups alongside like-minded creators and future experts in their fields.

The Love of Production

This February, MediaTech Institute proudly shines a spotlight on our love for filmmaking. Our students are encouraged to express their creativity, push boundaries and explore new possibilities in the world of digital film. Every member of a production crew is important, they must show up and love their job to make content like movies and TV possible.  That love starts with a great education.

MediaTech Institute’s Film and Video Production Program is not just an educational journey; it’s a love story of sorts, but with filmmaking. Aspiring filmmakers who choose MediaTech Institute embark on a path where passion meets practicality, where love for the art is built into a skill set that opens doors to success in the production industry. 

This February, celebrate your love for filmmaking at MediaTech Institute and join a community dedicated to shaping the future of digital cinema. Check out our programs today!

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