Flying High: The Skills and Value Behind Drone Cinematography

by | Jun 19, 2024

The accessibility of drone cinematography has transformed the media landscape by providing innovative and dynamic visual storytelling opportunities that were once difficult or impossible to achieve without heavy duty equipment like jibs and cranes.

Drones enable videographers to capture stunning aerial shots, add cinematic flair, and enhance production values in ways that resonate deeply with audiences. Whether it’s for film, television, commercials, or even social media content, the use of drones has become a cornerstone of modern videography.

Knowing the value drone capabilities can bring to creators, MediaTech Institute offers Drone Workshops so you can up your hireability in today’s competitive videography industry.

Where large scale cranes and jibs are needed, smaller drones can now fill the roles in many cases- with similar stylistic outcomes. 

The Impact of Drone Cinematography

Aerial Shots and Unique Perspectives

Drones offer unparalleled access to aerial perspectives that can showcase landscapes, cityscapes, and events from breathtaking angles. This capability allows filmmakers to create more immersive and visually striking content. For instance, sweeping shots over mountains, oceans, or urban environments can convey a sense of scale and grandeur that traditional ground-based filming cannot achieve.

Big budget movies, like 2012’s James Bond installment “Skyfall” are known for their use of drones to achieve stunning shots that awe audiences. From the opening motorbike scene, drone’s prove this movie to be an innovative installation in the franchise. Drones are becoming a preferred way to capture stylistic aerial footage.

Enhanced Production Value

Incorporating drone footage can significantly boost the production value of any project. High-quality aerial shots can add a professional touch to productions, making them more appealing to viewers and clients alike. This enhancement is particularly valuable in competitive fields like advertising and film, where the visual impact can be a decisive factor in the success of a project. It can up the production value for a real-estate company, or boost an indie film’s production value!

Cost-Effective Solutions

Drones provide a cost-effective alternative to traditional methods of aerial filming, such as using helicopters or cranes. This affordability opens up high-quality aerial cinematography to a broader range of projects and budgets, democratizing access to professional-grade tools for both established studios and independent filmmakers- but not everyone can operate a drone in a professional setting legally!

Become a sought after asset with your Drone certification- and leave our program with a professional drone reel to show off your new expertise. Learn more about our program below. 

MTI’s Drone Certification Program

MTI’s Drone Certification Program equips career videographers and newcomers with the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in drone cinematography. Here’s how the program helps make participants more hireable in today’s competitive industry:

Comprehensive Training

The program offers comprehensive training that covers both the technical and creative aspects of drone operation. Participants learn about flight safety, regulations, drone maintenance, and advanced piloting techniques- walking away able to pass their Part 107 exam. 

Additionally, you will receive instruction on how to frame shots, plan aerial sequences, and integrate drone footage seamlessly into your own projects.

Certification and Credibility

Earning a certification from MTI adds credibility to your videographer’s resume. It signifies a recognized level of competence and professionalism that can set you apart from uncertified competitors. This certification can be a deciding factor for clients or employers when choosing between candidates for a project.

Networking Opportunities

The program also offers networking opportunities with other driven industry professionals and fellow students. These connections can lead to job opportunities, collaborations, and mentorships that are invaluable for career growth. Building a professional network within the drone cinematography community can open doors to new projects and advancements in the field.

Drone cinematography is reshaping visual storytelling by providing new perspectives and enhancing production values. MTI’s Drone Certification Program empowers videographers to harness the full potential of drone technology, making them more competitive and hireable in today’s media landscape. By offering comprehensive training, industry-relevant skills, and valuable certification, MTI prepares its graduates to meet the evolving demands of the industry and excel in their careers.

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