Student Spotlight – Darryck Driver: From MediaTech to the Big Game

by | Feb 14, 2024

In the dynamic world of media and technology, few stories resonate as harmoniously as that of Darryck Driver, a distinguished graduate of MediaTech Institute. From the moment he stepped into the professional arena, Darryck has been composing a career that’s as varied as it is impressive.

Upon graduating, Darryck didn’t miss a beat before diving into the industry with a role at Freeman in Dallas, Texas. His journey, however, was destined to span much further than the Lone Star State. The bright lights of Las Vegas called, and Darryck answered, moving to the city known for its vibrant entertainment scene. It was here that he joined the Union, embarking on a freelancing voyage that allowed him to master the art of studio production.

Darryck’s entrepreneurial spirit eventually led him to establish his own enterprise, Driver Sound & Production, LLC. This venture not only showcases his expertise in sound and production but also serves as a testament to his dedication and passion for the music industry.  Recently, Darryck achieved a significant milestone by securing a placement for the Netflix special, “They Cloned Tyrone,”  where he is featured as a producer on the song “You Ain’t Gotta Go Home.”

However, Darryck’s talents stretch beyond the confines of music and production. Recently, he ventured into the world of comedy, completing a comedy special. Yet, it’s his role behind the camera that has garnered significant attention. Demonstrating versatility and skill, Darryck was enlisted by giants Nickelodeon and CBS to undertake camera operation duties at the Big Game, a testament to his excellence and reliability in high-pressure environments.

For those wishing to follow Darryck’s multifaceted career and perhaps catch a glimpse behind the scenes of his latest projects, his Instagram (@driversoundandproduction) offers a window into the world of a man who truly does it all.

Darryck Driver’s journey from MediaTech Institute graduate to industry innovator is not just a story of personal achievement; it’s an inspiring melody of persistence, versatility, and success that echoes in the halls of our institution. We are incredibly proud of Darryck and eagerly anticipate the next chapters in his remarkable career.

Darryck Driver at the Big Game 1
Darryck Driver at the Big Game 2
Darryck Driver at the Big Game 3
Darryck Driver at the Big Game 4

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