Breaking into the Industry: Career Paths for MediaTech Institute Graduates

by | Apr 16, 2024

At MediaTech Institute (MTI), we believe in empowering our students to pursue their passions and turn their creative aspirations into successful careers. With comprehensive training programs and hands-on experience, we prepare our graduates for a wide range of career opportunities across the dynamic landscape of media and entertainment. But what happens after graduation? What jobs are available and looking for freshly educated graduates that are ready to hit the ground running?

Film Industry

For aspiring filmmakers, MTI offers a pathway to success in the competitive world of cinema. Our graduates have gone on to work as directors, producers, cinematographers, and editors, contributing their talents to a wide range of film projects. 

Alumni like Nyeela Love have gone on to start their own production companies, and works for the popular network show, “Dr. Phil”. Or take Darryck Driver as an example, a MediaTech grad who went on to work on this year’s superbowl! Our graduates go on to work in live production, start entrepreneurial ventures, and more.

Music Production

In the realm of music production, MTI alumni are making waves as producers, engineers, artists- and some have even returned to MTI to teach and share their industry knowledge with the next generation of creators. From working with Grammy-winning artists like Erykah Badu, our graduates like Rose Devika are making their mark on the music industry. 

We are lucky to have MTI grad Devika back as an instructor, and can’t wait to see where her career outside of our school takes her.  We’re also proud to have MTI alumni Josh Franklin back as an instructor AND department chair of the recording arts program. He is a seasoned live sound engineer, and studio engineer- and is a perfect example of MTI graduate success pre and post graduation. His work with top artists has earned him recognition and respect in the DFW music production community. 

Our graduates have so many opportunities after completing their degree, and we proudly support our current students and graduates as they enter the workforce. 

Animation and VFX

Our animation and VFX graduates leave our campus with a wealth of knowledge, and a toolkit that makes them hireable in an industry that is only going to grow. With CGI being a part of nearly every big budget movie or television production- it’s a great career path to choose. Beyond that, productions often need talented artists to help storyboard and envision projects to better film. There are many ways to find work in animation and VFX during and after graduation.

Whether you’re looking to get into those larger projects on the VFX teams (which, if you watch the credits on most modern movies you’ll find there’s plenty of jobs available), or you’re passionate about video game design, OR you’re interested in using your animation skills for more personal projects- MediaTech prepares you for whatever your Animation or VFX goals are.

From film and music production to live television, animation and VFX-, the career paths available to MediaTech Institute graduates are as diverse as they are exciting. With hands-on training, industry connections, and a supportive community of industry experienced mentors and peers, MTI prepares students to break into the industry and make their mark on the world of media and entertainment. 

Join us at MTI and embark on a journey to turn your passion for media into a rewarding and fulfilling career.

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