Rockstar Instructors Spotlight

by | Jan 19, 2024

MediaTech Institute prides itself in our exemplary student body, challenging curriculum, and of course, the amazing faculty that makes our school the place to enroll for those aspiring to work in media. All of our instructors are key to the success of our school and students in their chosen field, but today we’re putting a spotlight on the two amazing women who were named MTI’s “Instructors of the Year” for 2023, namely Monika Watkins of the Digital Film Program, and Rose Devika of the Recording Arts Program.

Monika Watkins – Director, Producer, Digital Film Instructor at MTI

Monika Watkins started her career behind the camera as a photographer, and from there sought education to further her skills and business acumen. Since then, Watkins has gone on to produce for networks like HGTV, direct documentaries, and bring her own visions to life. One of her recent producing and directorial projects, “Dreamland: Tulsa 1921”, and many of her other projects delve into the Black experience, civil rights, heritage, culture, and history.

In an interview with “Shoutout DFW”, Monika discusses her film media entrepreneurial endeavors, like starting her own business “Bird Set Free Films”. After spending over 9 years with a production company that offered her extensive industry experience and knowledge of the ropes of producing in film, she decided to take more control in the projects she would produce. Thus, her production company was born, with a focus on telling stories based on her lived experience. A lesson she wishes to impart on those who know her, is to always stay true to yourself. In an industry that can wash away individuality in certain environments, it is important to have storytellers like Watkins to tell the stories that people want to hear, versus just making what will perform best in the box office.

MediaTech Institute’s Digital Film Program is incredibly fortunate to have Monika Watkins as an instructor, utilizing her own extensive industry experience and knowledge to educate students. Her perspective, diverse on-set experiences, and professionalism enriches the students enrolled in the Digital Film Program at MTI, making her a perfect choice for “Instructor of the Year”. We look forward to seeing what Monika Watkins and the students she has instructed do in their future creative, entrepreneurial endeavors.

Rose Devika – Musician, Producer, Recording Arts Instructor at MTI

Rose Devika has an incredible work ethic that she says started way before she ever fully pursued her creative career. In an interview with CanvasRevel Magazine, Rose highlights the importance of the hard work she put in before being able to make music, working many jobs completely unrelated to her dreams from the time she was 15. We are happy to have her as an instructor in Recording Arts at MediaTech Institute, sharing not only her talent and knowledge, but also the values of perseverance to her MTI students. 

Devika discovered her love for making music through participation in spoken word poetry in 2015, and it led her down a path to performing in the band “January Grit”. While in that band, she ran FOH live sound & monitors and also worked on their album “Here in Fahrenheit” alongside engineer/producer Antoine Arvizu (best known for his work on Sublime’s ’40 oz to freedom’). 

After going solo, Rose Devika worked alongside Ty Macklin (Erykah Badu) for some projects, and learned about the Recording Arts College at MediaTech Institute through Erykah Badu. Devika studied with MTI and took a job as a Studio Technician while still in the Recording Arts program, so she is well-versed in our school’s culture of creative excellence. Devika offers clients production, engineering/recording, mixing, and mastering services. Instructor Rose Devika’s hard work and dedication to educating herself has paid off in pursuit her career goals, as she produced her single “Slow Burn” in 2023 and has plans to utilize her multifaceted talents to release a full EP as well. Rose is also the Live Sound Engineer at Converge Church, running sound weekly as A1/FOH & Monitor Engineer.

Rose Devika currently teaches AV Tech, Live Sound I, Live Sound II, and Music Theory & Production in the Recording Arts Program at MediaTech Institute, sharing her industry knowledge and lessons in work ethic with other like-minded creatives. We pride ourselves in being able to name an MTI Alumni as an “Instructor of the Year” in Recording Arts. 

We’re excited to see what 2024 brings for MediaTech Institute, our students, and our Rockstar Instructors- the rock stars that make the dreams of so many creatives more attainable!

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