Instructor Spotlight: Josh Franklin

by | Mar 25, 2024

MediaTech Institute instructor and Department Chair of Recording Arts, Josh Franklin, is a life-long music lover. As a young child, his father introduced him to the world of melodies and rhythms, inspiring Franklin to pursue his dream- a career in music. At the age of 14, Josh started experimenting with the guitar- and the rest is history.

By 2005, Franklin was signed to a major record label, Roadrunner Records, alongside a band creating original music. By becoming part of this band, he was able to gain extensive experience through band studio time- and thus his studio engineering skills flourished. His career has taken him around the globe, allowing him to play shows worldwide since 2003. 

Playing in many different venues over his career, Josh’s expertise in live sound engineering expanded as well. With each new venue he learned how to bring out the best sound from every performance- whether performing on stage or in the studio. Franklin is clearly a driven musician, with every desire to enhance his skills and broaden his talent- and in 2012 he was encouraged by his mother to enroll in MediaTech Institute. 

He did not take his time learning more about the craft lightly- graduating as Valedictorian in 2014 with a wealth of new knowledge to enhance his existing experience. 

After graduation Josh Franklin went on to be an instrumental figure in the development of one of Dallas’ top studios from 2014-2023. Alongside this, and even while still in school, he was making waves as a live sound engineer in the electric Dallas/Fort Worth music scene.

With over two decades of experience, and his education from MTI, Franklin has solidified himself as a seasoned live sound and studio engineer. Knowing this, MediaTech Institute is proud to have Josh back on our Dallas campus as the Department Chair of Recording Arts. His story and career have come full circle, and now he shares his industry knowledge, tips, and know-how with students in both live sound and studio based classes. 

Josh Franklin is passionate about passing his expertise onto the next generation of music producers and engineers, and loves nurturing other’s love for music. He continues to inspire and mentor students in their pursuit of excellence in the world of sound. Franklin’s dedication to the craft, and commitment to shaping the future of recording arts make him an invaluable asset in the MediaTech community. 

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