MediaTech Institute does not discriminate against individuals on the basis of physical or mental disability and is fully committed to providing reasonable accommodations. This may include appropriate auxiliary aids and services to qualified individuals with a disability, unless providing such accommodations would result in an undue burden, or fundamentally alter the nature of the program, benefit, or service provided by MediaTech Institute. To request an auxiliary aid or service, please contact the Campus Director of your local campus.

Individuals requesting an auxiliary aid or service will need to meet with the local Campus Director before accommodation can be implemented. To enable MediaTech Institute to provide an auxiliary aid or service in a timely manner, the Institute requests that individuals complete their meeting at least six weeks before the first day of classes or as soon as possible. Disagreements regarding an appropriate auxiliary aid and alleged violations of this policy may be raised pursuant to MediaTech Institute’s grievance procedures.

MediaTech Institute Dallas has designated classrooms on the lowest level of the building readily available to accommodate classes/programs as need arises. Restrooms, administration, studios, and lab stations are also located on the first level with ramps and open hallways to accommodate disabled students.