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MediaTech Houston Graduate Spotlight – Johnnie Moutra

Johnnie Moutra just recently graduated from MediaTech Houston, and has been working with local artist Marium Echo on her album, Letters & Numbers, as a producer. I recently sat down with Johnny to speak with him about the album and his time at MediaTech. Roy: First off, what made you want to go into audio engineering? Johnnie: It started off just as poetry, which then developed into songwriting. After some urging from a friend, I came across MediaTech as I looked up different schools and decided to check it out. Upon coming in, I instantly knew that this was for Read more
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MediaTech Institute OPEN HOUSE | August 18, 2011 7-9 pm

You’re invited to join us for a behind-the-scenes look into the Music & Film Industry. From the technical and creative know-how to hands-on training by industry professionals, our renowned multi-studio RECORDING ARTS & DIGITAL FILM programs teach you all the skills you need to succeed in the Entertainment Industry. TURN YOUR PASSION FOR MUSIC INTO A CAREER AT MEDIATECH INSTITUTE! MediaTech Institute – Dallas Campus 400 E. Royal Lane, Suite 100 Irving, TX 75039 972.869.1122 MediaTech Institute – Austin Campus 200 Academy Drive, Suite A Austin, TX 78704 512.447.2002 MediaTech Institute – Houston Campus 3324 Walnut Bend Lane Houston, TX Read more
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MTI Houston’s 2011 Summer Graduating Class

Congratulations to the  MediaTech Houston 2011 Summer Graduating Class!  The ceremony began with a few words of inspiration from Instructors, Jacob Meador and Sam Ortallono, followed by the presentation of the Recording Arts diplomas. Special recognition was given to the students who graduated with honors as well as the Salutatorian, Kyle Cartwright, and  the Valedictorian, Christina Martinez. Christina gave a heart felt speech that touched all that were present. We were so excited to see all of the family and friends present for this special day. This graduation by far broke the record for attendance!  Congrats to the MTI Grads! Read more
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Congratulations To One Of Our Own!

Our receptionist, Rae Nyx, will be featured in a CD Sampler for MB Agency in California! Her band, Diminished 5th have decided to place the acoustic version of “Come With Me” on the CD have been working hard to finish their album in hopes of having it out in the next year! Rae has been keeping herself busy with her band and Chae Balistreri, an artist from Longview, Texas. She is the producer and engineer for his album. She has put alot of her time into getting his album just right, as well as her own. To hear the song Read more
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6 Important Things About Singing

by Rae Nyx, Vocal Coach There are many different philosophies on what is most important when it comes to singing. I feel the most important is Passion. It’s pulling the heartstrings of the person listening to the song. I have gotten into sooo many arguments with other vocal coaches about this very thing. Here are the six main aspects to think about or to bring up to your own vocal coach: 1.  Breathing – This is going to sound weird, but almost everyone breathes wrong in the music industry. It’s the most common comment I’ll make when I watch singing Read more
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How do you know when you’re ready to mix?

You’re working on a song. You’ve recorded all the main parts. You’ve recorded all the fun little extras, like percussion and background vocals. You’ve tracked the lead vocals…so…is it time to start mixing? How do you know when you’ve got all the tracks you need? How do you know if you need to add a few more? Pre-Production to the Rescue If you’re not sure if you’re ready to mix, then there’s a chance you didn’t really do much pre-production on the song. Pre-production is simply a fancy word for planning. Do you record demos of the songs you’re working Read more
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MediaTech Houston 2011 Spring Graduation

On Sunday, March 20th the Houston campus held it’s quarterly graduation ceremony for the Spring 2011 Graduating Class. Once again, it was a full house. The room was filled with proud parents, siblings, spouses, grandparents and friends. The commencement began with Campus Director, Doris Hecht, giving the students encouragement and advice for their journey that will follow. Instructor, Sam Ortallono, welcomed family and friends and thanked them for their support throughout the program. Diplomas were presented to each Graduate, along with a special presentation for the honor students. Van Pace received the Honors award and Alex Reyes was named Valedictorian. Read more
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The Internet Generation – Are we apathetic?

Most people refer to us as “Generation Y,” but we go by many names: the “Internet Generation,” the “Millennium Generation,” or even the “Echo Generation.” Regardless of the name, there is something very distinctive about the “Y” generation–something that separates them from the narcissism of Generation X, the drug fueled activism of the Baby Boomers, and the rampant patriotism of the Greatest Generation. According to song writer/artist John Mayer it is that we are “Waiting on the World to Change.” In an interview with NPR’s Morning Edition Mayer explains the meaning of the lyrics of his song: “It’s not that Read more
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Cruise Ship Musicians: The Audition Process

Most cruise lines have an orchestra (aka Show Band) on board. This 5-10 piece band plays the production shows, headliner shows and big band or top 40 sets on board. Electric bass, drums, guitar, keys, sax, trombone & trumpet are the most common instrumentation. The most important requirement in securing one of these jobs is your sight reading ability. No matter what instrument you play, you’ll need to schedule and pass an audition prior to working on board a cruise ship. Each company has their own audition process, however; here is the industry standard: Scheduling an Audition Regardless of the cruise Read more