Daily Online Networking & Business Routine For Artists

by | Aug 28, 2020

Do you have a daily online networking & business routine? If not, you should begin creating some habits to keep your brand current in this fast-passed industry. Start simple to find a balance with your creative side by creating your brand’s unique voice (over arching personality) & tones (specific style of engagement depending on platform or content) — what you’ll find is that it is ALL creative! More on brand voice & tones coming in a future post! 

1. EMAIL / TEXT – Develop your brand’s “business” tone

Check your email at least 2 times a day. It is best to start your day with your email and then if you can check it every 3-4 hours, that is great! If not though, don’t let the day end without checking your email once more before turning out the lights. Also, do not put off a response to the next day for any email, Always respond, even if it is to let the sender know, you received the email and you will get back to them when you have more information. Finally, quickly delete all fo that junk email. Keep the inbox CLEAN.

Texting is the primary communication method for many and should already be a part of your routine. Since text is immediate, you should be regularly checking your texts and it is even more important that you respond immediately upon receipt. Again, a response can be as simple as – “Got the message, I’ll get back to you ASAP”

NOTE: If you don’t have a business email, you can create a GMAIL account for use in all of your social media accounts.

2. SOCIAL ENGAGEMENT – Develop your brand’s “social” tone 

  • Post engagement – If someone reposts or comments on your post or a post you are following, you should respond if it makes sense. 
  • Direct Messages – Absolutely respond to direct messages, treat them like a text or an email. 
  • Mentions – Mentions are similar post engagement, be aware of it and engage if it makes sense. 
  • Follows – Review profiles of all new followers. If they don’t have a photo, limited or no post history, no followers, then you probably don’t need to follow them back. If they however do have one or more of those things, check their posts, description and who they follow  / their followers. Based on this info you can determine if you should follow them back and if you should engage even further with a direct message. This is a great networking opportunity for collaborators and creating super fans. 

NOTE: You don’t have to be active on ALL social media, but be sure you are active on the one you are most comfortable with. Then branch out to others that make sense for your brand.

3. CHECK THE NEWS – What’s happening in YOUR world?

Create the filter – There is a LOT going on everyday in the world, so you have to create your own very specific filter that reflects your world and your brand’s voice & tone.

Start with your own “creative” world — Your a creative first, so start there. Be careful though when you give your opinion. Start with industry specific news and news about YOU! What are you doing in your business right now? Are you in the studio, writing, touring? What is happening in the industry that effects you personally? Is there a new copyright law you have thoughts on? Try to post at least 1 thing new every week and then as you get more comfortable, post as frequently as you have something interesting to share. 

NOTE: If you dedicate 1 -2 hours a day on these 3 areas, you will be WELL on your way to having a successful daily online business routine!