by | Oct 6, 2020

The role of the Music Producer is not what it used to be. Today, the music producer is not only the one getting things done from the business side but they are also often times, composing, singing, playing, recording, mixing, mastering, financing, marketing, promoting, performing…this list of responsibilities can get long!

We are going to be tackling what it means to be a music producer in today’s music industry in our “Today’s Music Producer” series and how we help prepare our students to be music producers in this constantly changing environment.

Studio Techniques

Not all studios are the same and digital isn’t ALWAYS better! In the Recording Arts ProgramStudio Techniques course, we explain how a session functions and how to work with analog gear. Music producers must understand why the size of studio and scaling of equipment is critical to the success of a a project and learn how to plan the production (pre-production) of a recording session accodingly. Studio Techniques you learn all of this and more!

Intro to DAW

There are a number of DAWS (Digital Audio Workstations) such as

Unlike in the past, todays music producer needs to be familair with the common DAWS in the market and how they work. With a focus on AVID Pro Tools, still the industry standard, the Recording Arts Program, Intro to DAW course equips our students with the Pro Tools DAW workspace which gives them a strong foundation for working across the many different DAWS. This knowledge also helps the music producer understand how to communicate with the recording studio engineer and when the situation calls for it, jump in and engineer the project themselves!


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