Student Spotlight: Joshua Dupiton – Morph Pictures

by | Oct 26, 2023

The owner of Morph Pictures, based out of the Dallas-Fort Worth area is a young entrepreneur Joshua Dupiton. He is a proud MediaTech Institute graduate, with a degree from our Digital Filmmaking program. Morph Pictures is a Commercial & Film Production Company, and focuses on Epic Cinematic Visuals for their clientele. The company offers competitive yet affordable prices for potential partners, and their goal is to bring professional, cinema-level quality to the everyday local small business owner to build their business. 

Dupiton has made his mark in the DFW area, and has landed multiple interviews with local media outlets to promulgate his company’s services. His passion for filmmaking is clear in many of his passionate interviews, discussing his work and the reason he chose the career path he’s wholeheartedly pursuing.

In an interview with “Voyage Dallas” Dupiton is quoted as saying, “Growing up, few things excited me as much as watching the trailer to a new action-packed fantasy movie or sitting in the theater frantically waiting in anticipation for the first scene to begin.” Many filmmakers and production crew who have chosen this career path have experienced the same thrill from cinema- but Dupiton keeps himself ahead of the crowd, actively chasing his business and artistic dreams. 

The entrepreneur has experienced obstacles in his life, saying he’s always felt like a bit of an introverted outsider, as many very talented artistic types tend to be. That said, he found his home, his safe space, in cinema seats; and then later in his life in the Digital Filmmaking program at MTI. 

Joshua’s first spec ad was produced soon after he was fired from his non-film related job. At the time, he wasn’t sure what to do next, but his instincts led him to pursue his dream with his newfound time. The rest is history (and a lot of hard, dedicated work), as Morph Pictures has gone on to do work for Disney+, Twelve Midnight, ESPN, XFL, Mercedes Benz, Musicbed, and Under Armour. 

In nearly all of his interviews, Dupiton references “Spider-Man” and how he’s always loved a Peter Parker-esque underdog story. At this point in his career, he’s anything but the underdog though, as he’s making big moves, gaining more loyal clientele with each service and video Morph Pictures completes. 

Joshua emphasizes the importance of his education from MTI Dallas in his success, and more specifically the teachers that challenged him and his classmates to elevate their workflows, editing, project management, networking, brand building, and so on. While reminiscing about a time where Dupiton considered himself an “introvert” he said that “…I decided my love for this craft was greater than my fear of being uncomfortable.”

Any discomfort he felt while starting out his company was well worth it, seeing the progress he’s made. Joshua Dupiton’s story is a remarkable, inspirational one for any creators out there wondering if it’s time to “go get it” despite the hardships that may ensue in the process. 

At MediaTech Institute, our faculty, staff, and exemplary students curate a culture of “go get it”, that encourages newcomers to continue chasing after their dreams in a productive, goal-based way. With hands-on experiences, guided by our industry experienced faculty, our students graduate with the tools they need to start their own companies; just like Joshua Dupiton. We are proud to see and highlight our students achieving great things in Dallas and beyond. 

Take the first step to becoming part of the MediaTech family today by checking out our available programs– we can’t wait to see the creative points of view you bring to the table. 

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