Student Spotlight: Will Valk – Sir_Trill_Drumz

by | Nov 22, 2023

For many people, the pressures from COVID-19 were a huge obstacle to overcome, but Will Valk saw opportunities in those difficult times as well. Many creatives took the mandatory quarantine as a chance to reinvigorate their artistic endeavors, but MTI alumni Will Valk took the next step to return to school, later in his life, and make his dreams happen. As described in his own words, “It all goes back to 2020 the year of the COVID. Nobody knew which way things were going to go during those times however to me it really didn’t matter. I had a goal in mind. I wanted to do industry music and make music for TV and film…”

With facilities available for both music production and film production, MediaTech Institute became home for Will, and after his education with us,  he graduated as a proud valedictorian. As of now, he has found success in TV, after working on the fifth season of the popular TV show “Love after Lockup”.

He has also pursued his entrepreneurial endeavors by starting his own label, “Space Tunez”; making sure to gain experience in both music and TV entertainment.  Between networking, building his resume through his production work, his education, and his goal-based mindset; Will Valk is worth watching in his endeavors for success in music for TV and Film entertainment.

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