Student Spotlight: “Mr. Presidential” Darion Exavier

by | Oct 3, 2023

Darion Exavier, known by his stage name “Mr. Presidential” is a talented Hip/Hop and Rap musician who found his home with MediaTech Institute, and is currently a second-term RA student at our Dallas Campus. Darion was also recently voted the Recording Arts Chair in MediaTech’s student council membership, M.E.S.H. (MediaTech Enrichment Student Hub). He is an exemplary student enrolled in our Recording Arts program, but even as a student, Mr. Presidential is making major career moves. 

Balancing education, being a resident assistant, academic clubs, as well as maintaining a musical career is no easy feat, which is why we are so proud to highlight Darion Exavier as a part of the MediaTech Institute family. 

Much of Mr. Presidential’s music focuses on his love for his city, and a desire to bring hope, unity, and awareness to his Texas community and beyond. Prior to being signed to an agent, Exavier had been independently producing tracks for over a decade.  Darion’s passion and drive to succeed through music has clearly driven him for much of his life, and we find his consistency in chasing his artistic dreams to be an inspiration for all aspiring musicians.

Exavier has received accolades from his agency Dynasty Empire Networks LLC for being a stellar person and artist. The owner of the agency  has called Mr. Presidential “a talented musician”, after being part of the publication for a few of Darion’s music videos; including for a song called “Inspiration” which has over ten thousand views on YouTube alone. The song was created after Juneteenth was declared a national holiday, and in solidarity to lives lost to gun violence around Dallas.

Being an inspiration is exactly what Darion Exavier aims to achieve through his efforts and education. A line from his track “Inspiration” goes, “…I only want to uplift you, if you hear me and you’re listening, get up and be inspired…”. At MTI, we are humbled and honored to spread Darion Exavier’s encouraging message to our students, faculty, and beyond. Our students never cease to impress us, and we cannot wait to see and share what Mr. Presidential does next in his career.

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