Max Lowery: A Sound Behind the Music

by | Aug 30, 2023

In the world of Christian Contemporary Music (CCM) and live performances, MediaTech alumnus Max Lowery stands out as a distinguished sound engineer, always ensuring that audiences are treated to impeccable sound quality. Max works tirelessly behind the scenes, ensuring every note, beat, and vocal is heard just as the artist intended, regardless of the venue.

Lowery’s portfolio is as impressive as it is extensive. Max has toured alongside notable artists from a wide range of genres, such as country singer Mike Ryan and rapper Lecrae. Since beginning his career, he is known for his consistency in ensuring that the artist’s music resonates perfectly with their audiences. On top of this, he has been a pivotal figure during performances with the “116 Crew”, managing their monitor mixes to musical perfection.

Beyond these major tours, Max has showcased his versatile skill set during numerous one-off shows, predominantly within the CCM realm. Lowery’s diverse experience speaks volumes about his ability to adapt and deliver irrespective of the setting or artist he is working alongside.

Additionally, Max has been the Front of House (FOH) sound engineer for artists like Randall King and Coffey Anderson. Artists and audiences alike can recognize his deft touch and expertise have been vital in bringing their musical visions to life.

Max’s dedication to his craft extends to serving the spiritual community as well, as he has been instrumental in ensuring that worship sessions, church camps, and performances by various CCM artists are not just heard, but felt. Keen attention to detail and a deep understanding of his craft has allowed Max to benefit the lives of many, all through music.

Altogether, Max Lowery’s work resonates deeply with those who are lucky to experience any performance he is sound engineering. Whether it’s a soul-stirring gospel track or an uplifting contemporary Christian melody, Max Lowery will always ensure the sound he engineers is pitch-perfect, resounding, and a top-notch quality experience.

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