Hedras’ “Cantaloupe Island” – Live from Studio B at MediaTech University

by | Nov 28, 2023

MediaTech Institute has state of the art facilities for our students to utilize and experience industry level opportunities before they have graduated from their chosen program. A recent opportunity that came through our recording facilities was the recording of Hedras’ “Cantaloupe Island”, which is a live, debut jazz fusion project. 

Hedras Ramos Sr. and Hedras are a father son duo of musicians from Guatemala.

Hedras grew up around music, as his dad always had guitars and amps around as a guitarist and producer, so it only made sense to get into music as well. After placing in both “Guitar Idol” and “Ziua Chitarelor” competitions, Hedras went on to make several of his own albums, and tour in Europe, Latin America, and Asia. While growing his image and reputation, he and his father Hedras Sr. had their eyes on the prize; namely moving to LA and further establishing their musical careers. Hedras has since been granted a visa to work in America based on his incredible talent, and plans to continue making and performing music. 

Lucky for MediaTech students, Hedras recorded some live sessions right on the Dallas campus, in Studio B. Levi Bradford and students from the Studio Techniques class were able to take part in the album recording that took place August 11, 2023, gaining real life, resume worthy experience with talented musicians, before even graduating.

The album features five of Hedras favorite jazz standards, and captures the challenging yet organic experience of recording in a studio with real musicians. The musicians discover what is hidden in the moment, and the resulting music is a unique and exciting blend of jazz and fusion. The album was mastered by Hedras Ramos Sr., with Jordan Gheen on Keys, Terence Hobdy on Drums, Bryan Qualls on Bass, and Hedras on guitar, giving students a first hand insight into multiple moving parts during the recording process.

Not only were MTI’s music recording arts students involved in the production, but a student from the digital film program was also able to gain experience on the project. Nyeela “Ny” Love was able to film the recording process, offering a student from a completely different program offered by MediaTech to gain valuable exposure for two major entertainment industries, seeing first hand how these creative industries often bleed into each other. 

We love to be able to curate these experiences for our students, and thank Hedras for choosing to record in an environment where our students can learn from the best! MTI’s goal is to give our students the most well-rounded education possible, and projects like this make that possible. 

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