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‘SOCIALLY SOUND WITH SHAMA’ interviews MediaTech Institute’s VP, Tracy Terrell

CW33’s  Shauma Kabani is one of the world’s leading voices on social media and technology trends, and hosts weekly segments called “Socially Sound with Shauma” airing Saturdays at 9pm on CW33 KDAF. Kabani shares tech tips, new gadget reviews, and brings you the best of the tech and social media world. Shauma recently sat down for an interview with Mediatech Institutes’s Vice President, Tracy Terrell, for a segment called “Companies that are doing well by doing good”.  Watch the interview by clicking on the following link… Socially Sound with Shauma – MediaTech Institute Read more
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MediaTech students help Brain Injury Survivor walk again

Sean Carter, 27, was your typical college kid with his whole life ahead of him. One night he went out drinking with his friends and got into a terrible car accident on the way home. Around 3 am Jenny Carter, Sean’s mom, received a phone call that the vehicle had lost control and slammed into a tree. Sean was in the passenger seat. He had broken bones, cuts, and was unresponsive. “Worst of all was his traumatic brain injury,” Jenny said. “He did not move at all. Sean was in a coma and paralyzed. He couldn’t walk. He couldn’t talk. Doctors Read more
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Our students film their Live TV Show Today!!

Today our film students filmed their live TV show for class. It is a talk show with our very own Abe Kotara as the host. I got to watch the opening segment myself and it was fantastic! Great job, guys!! It looks like so much fun! Congrats on your hard work guys!! Read more
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Congratulations To One Of Our Own!

Our receptionist, Rae Nyx, will be featured in a CD Sampler for MB Agency in California! Her band, Diminished 5th have decided to place the acoustic version of “Come With Me” on the CD have been working hard to finish their album in hopes of having it out in the next year! Rae has been keeping herself busy with her band and Chae Balistreri, an artist from Longview, Texas. She is the producer and engineer for his album. She has put alot of her time into getting his album just right, as well as her own. To hear the song Read more
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California CD Sampler will feature one of our own!!

Rae Nyx, Dallas Receptionist, will be featured on a California CD Sampler that is being put out by MB Agency! Rae’s band Diminished 5th are picking out the song at this very moment. Rae is a recent graduate of MediaTech and has become a vocal coach of some of our students! We can’t wait until it all goes through! We will post an update as to when the CD will be released! Check out Diminished 5th’s facebook page at www.facebook.com/pages/Diminished-5th/194614857237397 and their myspace page at www.myspace.com/dim5thmusic! Or follow Rae on Twitter at www.twitter.com @Rae_Nykie_Nyx! Read more
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Our 24 Hour Race Entry!

Our film students were so excited to be a part of the 24 hour Video Race! They put their all into it and are all very proud of their film! Everyone is ready to see what our students have worked so hard on! We hope to see you all out there in support of our students! Great work, Guys! We are so proud of you! For more information, you can visit www.24hourvideorace.com. Our 24 hour video race entry shows Wednesday at 6pm…at the Angelika Mockingbird Station!! Ours plays first, so if you are late you WILL miss it!!! Read more
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6 Important Things About Singing

by Rae Nyx, Vocal Coach There are many different philosophies on what is most important when it comes to singing. I feel the most important is Passion. It’s pulling the heartstrings of the person listening to the song. I have gotten into sooo many arguments with other vocal coaches about this very thing. Here are the six main aspects to think about or to bring up to your own vocal coach: 1.  Breathing – This is going to sound weird, but almost everyone breathes wrong in the music industry. It’s the most common comment I’ll make when I watch singing Read more
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SURF’S UP! Mediatech Institute’s New Oceanside, CA Campus Officially Open!

The newest campus for MediaTech Institute is located in scenic Oceanside, California. Just a stone’s throw from the water, this all new facility features equipment from Digidesign, Solid State Logic, JBL, and other major manufacturers. Course offerings will include the Recording Arts Program and the Digital Film and Video Arts Program. Consisting of two control rooms, a theater, and four recording areas, all connected to a central patch room, the Oceanside campus provides the ultimate in flexible connectivity. This beautiful facility was built from the ground up to provide the best possible conditions for both professional work and a fantastic Read more
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MediaTech Houston 2011 Spring Graduation

On Sunday, March 20th the Houston campus held it’s quarterly graduation ceremony for the Spring 2011 Graduating Class. Once again, it was a full house. The room was filled with proud parents, siblings, spouses, grandparents and friends. The commencement began with Campus Director, Doris Hecht, giving the students encouragement and advice for their journey that will follow. Instructor, Sam Ortallono, welcomed family and friends and thanked them for their support throughout the program. Diplomas were presented to each Graduate, along with a special presentation for the honor students. Van Pace received the Honors award and Alex Reyes was named Valedictorian. Read more