Gold Room

Location: Houston

The Gold Room is centered around a 32 Fader Icon D-Control console which provides direct control over any session instantly. The session can be done in the “sweet spot,” which allows engineers to
better judge aspects of their work. Designed by chief engineer, Skip Burrows, this studio has a blend of absorption, bass trapping, and diffusion. “I spoke with every manufacturer in the world regarding
diffusion and isolation,” says Burrows, “and came up with a unique blend of products from RPG, Auralex, Pac International, and Acoustic Systems that provides a room that is both acoustically accurate and comfortable to work in.” The Gold Room features two isolation booths for recording. The Stone Room has a wonderfully warm natural reverb perfect for acoustic and electric guitars. Motorized curtains are used to dampen the reverb time and vary the acoustics. The second booth was designed to be acoustically neutral. There was great consideration put into the design of this booth to ensure that sound was reproduced without room coloration.