Houston Campus

America’s 4th Largest City

The city of Houston combines cutting-edge innovation with the open spaces and can-do spirit of the West. Known as Space City, the Houston area is an exciting, diverse environment where people from all over the world live, work and play. It’s the city that sent a man to the moon. And one that is constantly re-inventing itself, most recently becoming a hot-bed of activity in the major music genres of Hip-Hop and Rap. This city offers mouth-watering restaurants, celebrity chefs, trend-setting clubs and a vibrant theater scene that is only second to Broadway.

3324 Walnut Bend Ln., Houston, Texas 77042


MediaTech’s Houston studio’s include four phenomenal consoles each in specialized rooms. The Grey Room is set with capabilities of recording a full band in the spacious live room, all in the realm of analog, with the benefit of digital conversion to Pro Tools. In the Gold Room is a full digital setup, with a D-Control ICON, with analog outboard gear that give the students the full features of being “inside the box” while still having the capabilities of using analog gear in their productions. The Green Room is set with a small booth for recording, but its jewel is held within the Analog/Digital hybrid console, which permits students to experience the best of both worlds of recording. The Purple Room allows any aspiring producer to create any musical idea that may enter their minds, all on the comfortable confines of a Control 24 console.

There is a wide range of professional gear in our studios that attract the eyes of professional clients from around the nation.  Each student at the Houston campus has the opportunity to work with equipment that not only will better their craft, but that they will encounter in everyday life as an audio engineer. In Houston, we boast a seasoned staff from all walks of the industry to ensure and enrich every student with various techniques and knowledge earned through everyday ventures.