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Video Production Programs In Dallas, TX: Your Career As A Director

If your ultimate goal in film or video is to become a director, the best thing you can do to make that happen is to enroll in one of MediaTech Institute’s video production programs in Dallas, TX.  Because they oversee every step of the production of a film or video, directors must have a complete understanding of the technical and creative aspects of filmmaking and they must have experience in putting all of the things they know into practice.  Here are some things you need to know before you enroll in a video production program:   What The Job Of Read more
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Computer Animation Programs In Dallas, TX: The Feature Film Process

When you choose computer animation programs in Dallas, TX at MediaTech Institute, you’ll learn everything you’ll need to begin your career as a computer animator.  For most computer animators, the Holy Grail of animation careers is working in feature films and your instruction at MediaTech Institute will lay the groundwork for those dream jobs.  In MediaTech Institute’s computer animation programs in Dallas, TX, you’ll gain hands-on experience in developing and creating animated projects and you’ll discover that half of the process of creating computer-animated projects – including animated feature films – has nothing to do with animation.  Here are the Read more
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Video Production Programs In Dallas, TX: Build Your Career In Video

At MediaTech Institute, our video production programs in Dallas, TX can be the building blocks on which you base your career in the video and film industry.  But like most careers in entertainment, it’s almost impossible to start at the top, unless you’re the scion of a prominent entertainment family, so you’re likely going to have to work your way to the top.  Starting with entry-level positions not only gets you noticed by people in your chosen field, it also gives you valuable experience that you can use to continue moving up the industry ladder.  These are just some of Read more
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Best Film Schools In Dallas, TX: Choose A Career In Cinematography

If you’re looking for a great film school in Dallas, TX, look no further than MediaTech Institute.  At MediaTech Institute, you’ll be able to get training in digital film and video arts and start your career in the exciting world of film and television production.  Directing, screenwriting and editing are some of the careers available to graduates of MediaTech Institute; but if you are creative and have an aptitude for telling a story visually, you may want to consider a career as a cinematographer.  Here are some things you need to know about the job of a cinematographer: What The Read more
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Best Film Schools In Dallas, TX: Becoming A Better Director

At MediaTech, we are one of the best film schools in Dallas, TX and our graduates go on to a variety of careers in the movie, television and video industries.  Of the jobs that our graduates aspire to, film directing is by far one of the most popular because it combines all of the elements of movie- and video-making into one.  Directors must be conversant with every aspect of film production, from acting to editing to marketing and everything in between.  If becoming a director is your dream, here are some steps you can take to make that dream a Read more
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Visual Effects Courses In Dallas, TX: The Visual Effects Artist’s Job

If you’re ready to dive into visual effects, one of the most exciting and in-demand jobs in filmmaking, then you need visual effects courses in Dallas, TX.  Visual effects courses can be part of your curriculum if you want to study every aspect of film and television; but they can also be your main focus if you want to get a diploma in the specialized field of animation and visual effects. What Visual Effects Artists Do Visual effects artists fall under the umbrella of special effects artists, who produce both digital and physical visual effects like pyrotechnics, vehicle crashes, prosthetic Read more