Grey Room

Location: Houston

When you walk into the Grey Room, the first thing you notice is the massive console at the front of this beautiful, acoustically balanced studio. The 152-input Solid State Logic G+ mixing console is responsible for over 79% of Billboard Magazine’s top 100 hits. The G+ console sets the industry bar for sonic quality and routing flexibility. Every input of the G+ console features a discrete microphone amplifier, followed by a powerful compressor/limiter that also features an expander/gate. This “processing” is followed by the renowned Solid State Logic equalizer. Every other manufacturer compares their designs to Solid State Logic. Looking through the glass gives the engineer a view of the spacious tracking room, complete with a Yamaha Conservatory Collection Grand Piano sitting next to a vintage Hammond B3 Organ with twin Leslie 122 speakers. The Grey Room features analog and digital recording via
2 Otari MTR-90 analog multi-track recorders, alongside a Pro Tools HD3 Accel digital audio workstation. With over 20 platinum records recorded in this equipment-packed room, your learning possibilities can be virtually limitless.

Control Room: 24’ x 20’
Studio: 44’ x 26’, 24’ x 18’
Drum Booth: 24’ x 10’
Iso Booth: 16’ x 8’

SSL 4000+ with Total
Recall 72-Chs
with complete Motionworks
Filmnet Syncro System

Hard Disc Recording:
AVID Pro Tools
HD Accel System (48-tracks)

Yamaha Conservatory Collection
Grand Piano Hammond B3 Organ
with 4 Extra Pads
2 Leslie 122 Speakers

KRK S-12
ROK Bottom
Yamaha NS-10
22” Acer
42” Panasonic Plasma Adams S3X-H
Tascam DA-88 (96 Tracks)
Tascam DA45HR 24-Bit DAT
HHB Burn It CD Recorder
Denon Studio Cassette Deck (2)
Otari MTR-90 2”(recorder)
Tascam B12-20T 1/4” Recorder
Outboard Gear:
Eventide H-910 Focusrite Red Compressor
/ Limiter SPL Vitalizer with Stereo Enhancer
Night Technologies EQ-3
SPL De-Esser 6926 & Transient Designer
Pultec EQ
Urei 1178
Drawmer 1961 Tube EQ
Universal Audio 2-610 Groove Tube
Vibre Grace 201 Mic Preamp
Daking FET III Dynachord DRP-20
T.C. Electronic Finalizer
T.C. Electronic D2
T.C. Electronic M2000
Neve Portico 2
Neve 1073 Mic Pre
Lexicon Super Prime Time Delay
T.C. Electronic System 6000 (with Lucid
ADA conversion)
Manley Massive Passive Tube EQ
Manley Stereo Vari-Mu Tube Limiter
Tube Tech 3 Band Tube Compressor
(2) Empirical Labs Distressor
Empirical Labs FATSO Stereo
Neve 9098 Mastering Compressor
Joe Meek Stereo Opto-Compressor
Dolby 740 Spectral Enhancer
Aphex Studio Dominator II, Stereo
Compellor & Expressor
Bricasti M7
Kush Audio UBK Clariphoni
Lexicon PCM-80(outboard)
Lexicon PCM-70
Lexicon 300
Eventide HD3000
AnaMod ATS-1