Green Room

Location: Houston

Welcome to the Green Room, home of the AWS 900, an extremely high-quality analog console that features benchmark twin topology EQ’s, compressors, gates, routing, and monitoring. It also features SSL’s proprietary system, “Total Recall,” which enables users, via the consoles built-in computer, to recall the analog controls. A digital mode allows the user complete control of the industry standard digital audio workstation, Pro Tools. The AWS 900 combines analog and digital into a seamless package that delivers unrivaled sound quality and flexibility.

Control Room: 24’ x 20’
Iso Booth: 16’ x 8’

Solid State Logic AWS 900

(3) Genelec 1030 Monitors (2)
Genelec 1029 Surround Monitors
Yamaha NS-10s Auratones Monitors
Klipsch Subwoofer
Video Monitors:
(2) 13” Samsung Syncmaster 152N
(1) 13” 7316
Samsung 52” LCD Screen
HHB Burn It CD Recorder
Hard Disc Recording:
AVID Pro Tools HD
Roland JV-1080,
Loaded with All Cards
Outboard Gear:
T.C. Electronic System 6000
(with Full Mastering Software)
Grace 201 Mic Preamp
Solid State Logic X-Logic Dynamics
Processor (24)
Empirical Labs Distressor Empirical
Labs Fatso
dbx 165
Daking FET III
AVID Pro Tols HD
(3) Digidesign HD192 Interface Apple
Mac Pro 12 Core 2.7 GHz Xeon E5
JL Cooper Surround Sound Panner