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Web Development Courses In Houston, TX: Your Web Development Career

At MediaTech Institute, we offer web development courses in Houston, TX that will prepare you for an exciting career in website design and development.  As a budding web developer, you’ll find that there will be many different types of jobs, with many different types of companies, available to you.  In fact, web design and development is a rapidly-expanding career field that is rewarding, and that can be lucrative, if you focus on learning and staying abreast of new technology and innovations.  Here’s are some of the reasons you should choose a career in web development: Web Developers Have Great Job Read more
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Web Development Programs In Houston, TX: Learn Web Development Terms

MediaTech Institute’s web development programs in Houston, TX are the stepping stones to an exciting career in web development and design.  As you begin to learn about web development, you’ll find that you are entering a world that has its own language – a language that will sound foreign to you at first but one that is, nevertheless, important for you to learn.  Here are some of the many terms you’ll learn in MediaTech Institute’s web development programs in Houston, TX: Web Development is the coding or programming that enables a website to function.  It deals mainly with any non-design Read more
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Web Design Course In Houston, TX: Learn SEO-Friendly Web Design

When you take a MediaTech Institute web design course in Houston, TX, you’ll learn every element of web design, from choosing the right colors and fonts to figuring out the best layout for each page.  One of the most important things you’ll learn in a MediaTech Institute web design course in Houston, TX is what search engine optimization, or SEO, is and how to incorporate it into websites you design.  SEO is a way of improving the visibility of websites by moving them to the top of search results pages on search engines like Google and Bing.  Here are some Read more
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Learn Web Design In Houston, TX: The Secret To Getting Web Design Work

At MediaTech Institute, you will learn web design in Houston, TX from the best instructors in the field.  The quality of the coursework and instruction will help to ensure that, with some motivation, you can have a great career in web design.  Once you begin your career, though, you’ll come to the realization that there are hundreds, if not thousands of people like you in the marketplace designing websites for companies and individuals.  That means that you’ll have to find a way to make yourself stand out from the pack so that clients will choose you to design their websites. Read more
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App Developer Course In Houston, TX: How To Ensure Your Apps’ Success

When you enroll in a MediaTech Institute mobile app developer course in Houston, TX, you’ll get great instruction from people who are successful in the field and you’ll get hands-on experience that will give you an advantage when you start your career as an app developer.  You should know, though, that getting your training in mobile app development will help you to know what to do when it comes to designing, developing and marketing a mobile app; but it won’t help you know what not to do.  Here are some things you must avoid doing if you want apps you Read more
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Mobile App Programming In Dallas, TX: Become An Independent Developer

Once you’ve received your training in mobile app programming in Dallas, TX from MediaTech Institute, you’ll have all of the tools you’ll need to begin your career as a mobile app developer.  You should know that having a career in mobile app development doesn’t mean that you have to work for a major app development company; you can also work as an independent developer.  But with millions of apps already available and millions more in development, how can you ensure your success as an independent developer?  Here are some tips: ✓ Clarify Your Goals Ask yourself why you want to develop Read more
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Computer Animation Programs In Dallas, TX: The Feature Film Process

When you choose computer animation programs in Dallas, TX at MediaTech Institute, you’ll learn everything you’ll need to begin your career as a computer animator.  For most computer animators, the Holy Grail of animation careers is working in feature films and your instruction at MediaTech Institute will lay the groundwork for those dream jobs.  In MediaTech Institute’s computer animation programs in Dallas, TX, you’ll gain hands-on experience in developing and creating animated projects and you’ll discover that half of the process of creating computer-animated projects – including animated feature films – has nothing to do with animation.  Here are the Read more
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Video Production Programs In Dallas, TX: Build Your Career In Video

At MediaTech Institute, our video production programs in Dallas, TX can be the building blocks on which you base your career in the video and film industry.  But like most careers in entertainment, it’s almost impossible to start at the top, unless you’re the scion of a prominent entertainment family, so you’re likely going to have to work your way to the top.  Starting with entry-level positions not only gets you noticed by people in your chosen field, it also gives you valuable experience that you can use to continue moving up the industry ladder.  These are just some of Read more
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Web Development Courses In Dallas, TX: 6 Steps To A Great Career

The best way to learn everything you can about web development and design is by taking web development courses in Dallas, TX at MediaTech Institute.  If computers, the internet and web development are your passion, our courses can give you all the skills you’ll need to pursue a career in web development.  Coding skills aren’t all you need to find your first job as a web developer, though, which is why you need to take these 6 steps to get the career you want: 1 – Choose A Specialty While it’s true that you can be both a web designer Read more
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Web Design Course In Dallas, TX: Learn About User-Friendly Websites

A web design course in Dallas, TX from MediaTech Institute can be the beginning of an exciting career in web design.  As you know, the internet is expanding and evolving every day and businesses need web designers and developers to create websites that can reach customers who want to access their information on computers, smartphones and tablets.  When you take a web design course in Dallas, TX and get your diploma in web development and design, you’ll be the one building websites that will help get your clients’ businesses noticed online.  Designing a website that attracts customers is just the Read more