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Computer Animation Courses Houston TX: Find The Perfect Gift

Valentine’s is just around the corner and whether your favorite MediaTech student is enrolled in our Computer Animation Courses in Houston TX or our Recording Arts Program in Dallas TX, we have the perfect gift to make their hearts go pitter patter.  Instead of spending your money on teddy bears and boxes of chocolate, why not give your love something they’ll really enjoy. If you are in need of a last-minute gift for family, friends or significant others, check out these unique options perfectly fit for the MediaTech student. For The Film Student: A camera coffee tumbler designed to keep Read more
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Mobile App Programming Dallas TX: Don’t Give Up On Your Dreams

At MediaTech Institute our definition of success is loving what you do and with multiple programs and disciplines we allow our students to chase their dreams in the exciting fields of computer animation, film and even mobile app programming in Dallas TX.   We live in a world where instant gratification seems to be everything.   Sometimes, it seems that success is measured by how many followers you have on Instagram or what kind of car you drive. It sometimes feels that hard work, dedication and countless hours spent perfecting a skill or learning a new talent goes to the wayside Read more
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Recording Arts Program Houston TX: Don’t Forget Sound Check!

If your education goals include hands on learning from industry professionals, then Media Tech’s Recording Arts Program in Houston TX could be a fit for you.  The world of recording arts and audio engineering is a fast paced and exciting field.  Take for instance, the most recent musical performance by the one and only Mariah Carey.   It was one of the most talked about celebrity stories to start off 2017: Mariah Carey’s NYE performance mishap. As a live-sound audio engineer and with training learned from Media Tech’s recording arts program in Houston TX, you will learn that perfecting the Read more
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Recording Arts Program Dallas TX: Celedrick Brown’s Story

If you are interested in a recording arts program in Dallas TX, look no further than the top notch classes at MediaTech Institute.  Our highly rated professors are also professionals in their industries and offer students real life knowledge and experience that they can’t get anywhere else. MediaTech Spring 2015 alumni, Celedrick Brown took some time recently to share some insight with us on his experience while attending MediaTech, some of his favorite memories, his current endeavors and words of advice for future students. About Celdrick Coming from a musically gifted family, Celedrick Brown knew that he had a future Read more
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Web Development Programs In Houston, TX: Advantages Of A Pro Developer

MediaTech Institute’s web development programs in Houston, TX give potential website developers all of the skills and much of the experience they’ll need to begin their careers.  If you love working with computers and you think the idea of designing and developing websites for paying clients sounds exciting, start with MediaTech Institute’s web development programs in Houston, TX.  Not only will the knowledge you acquire from MediaTech Institute give you an edge over other would-be web developers, it will also give your potential clients the confidence to hire you to work with them to create their websites.  Here are some Read more
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Computer Animation Courses In Houston, TX: Do You Have What It Takes?

If you’re considering taking computer animation courses in Houston, TX at MediaTech Institute, you should know that it takes more than just a love of animation to pursue a career in computer animation.  You should know that creating a feature-length animated film – or even an animated short – takes a very large team of people like you who love animation but who have taken the time to acquire the skills and experience necessary to translate their love of animation into a rewarding, full-time job.  So, if you’re serious about taking computer animation courses in Houston, TX with an ultimate Read more
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Best Film Schools In Houston, TX: 5 Job Hunting Tips You Need

When you get your training from MediaTech Institute, one of the best film schools in Houston, TX, you can be sure that you’ll have the knowledge and skills you’ll need to get a great job in the film industry.  But you should know that just getting your training, even from one of the best film schools in Houston, TX is no guarantee that you’ll find work quickly.  You must be willing to go above and beyond to get yourself noticed in the highly-competitive world of film, television and video.  Here are some tips to help you get the career of Read more
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Web Design School In Dallas, TX: Why Web Design Training Matters

When you choose the best web design school in Dallas, TX, MediaTech Institute, you’ll learn everything you need to become a great web designer; and in the internet age, a great web designer is a precious commodity that can mean the difference between a business’s online success and online failure. If you have an interest in designing websites, either as a hobby or as a career, but you’re not sure if you want to commit to taking classes at a web design school in Dallas, TX, you should know that trained web designers have more skills and a broader knowledge Read more
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Learn Web Design In Dallas, TX: What A Web Designer Must Know

When you decide to learn web design in Dallas, TX at MediaTech Institute, you’ll be on track for a great career in designing websites either as a freelancer or as part of a team.  As a web designer, your opportunities will be almost unlimited because every size business wants and needs a web presence in the form of a well-designed and highly-functional website, no matter what kind of product or service they sell.  In fact, the best way for a small business to become a big business in the 21st century is to be successful online.  With the skills you Read more
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Video Production Programs In Dallas, TX: Your Career As A Director

If your ultimate goal in film or video is to become a director, the best thing you can do to make that happen is to enroll in one of MediaTech Institute’s video production programs in Dallas, TX.  Because they oversee every step of the production of a film or video, directors must have a complete understanding of the technical and creative aspects of filmmaking and they must have experience in putting all of the things they know into practice.  Here are some things you need to know before you enroll in a video production program:   What The Job Of Read more