A Letter from the President


As a veteran of the entertainment business for more than 40 years, I’ve had the opportunity to work with some great recording artists, filmmakers, and the technicians that brought their creative visions to life. As a musician, recording engineer and programmer myself, I’ve seen first hand how digital technology has forced a merging of the creative and technical sides of our business.

When we opened the recording school in 1999, our basic teaching philosophy combined the creative and technical sides. In fact, the name of our school, MediaTech Institute, was derived from this philosophy.

Great paying jobs are not going to those that just know computers, audio recording, or graphic arts; it’s those technicians that have a good grasp of all media. Today it’s almost impossible to create most digital media without having both creative and technical skills. No longer is someone’s job title just an artist or just a technician; their job has really become what I like to call a “MediaTech.”

The career opportunities are incredible for anyone that learns how to use the various digital media creation tools. Whether it’s a business operating out of a garage or an international media corporation, they all need MediaTechs. Whether they’re using a website to sell shoes or one to deliver the latest movie, it’s all about digital content creation and delivery. As you consider what will be the best education to prepare for your career, I hope you’ll think seriously about attending MediaTech Institute.



Russell Whitaker

President, MediaTech Institute