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Recording Arts Program Houston TX: Don’t Forget Sound Check!

recording arts program houston txIf your education goals include hands on learning from industry professionals, then Media Tech’s Recording Arts Program in Houston TX could be a fit for you.  The world of recording arts and audio engineering is a fast paced and exciting field.  Take for instance, the most recent musical performance by the one and only Mariah Carey.  

It was one of the most talked about celebrity stories to start off 2017: Mariah Carey’s NYE performance mishap. As a live-sound audio engineer and with training learned from Media Tech’s recording arts program in Houston TX, you will learn that perfecting the final details in sound check is essential, especially for a performance of this caliber.

We asked our Director of Education and industry expert, Wes Martin, to weigh in on her performance.

What Went Wrong

“I think it looked to be an in-ear monitor issue.  The reason for this can be seen during the intro song, “Auld Lang Syne”.  You can see her lip-sync and do it pretty badly. “

Wes explains that with his in-ear monitor experience, he understands first hand that if you are unable to hear what you need to hear, it won’t matter what sound is coming out – it’s unable to be heard, period.

How It Could Have Been Avoided

“In a setting as big as [Times Square], even if I took my in-ears out, there would be so much slap-back delay from the front of house speakers reflecting off of everything and coming back to my ears at an incorrect/delayed time, I couldn’t tell up from down. Some were surprised that they didn’t have floor wedges for that,” says Wes.

He goes on to say that some artists have custom cues that aren’t in the track, so if the floor wedge monitors were present, they would pick up the custom cues and the audience would hear.

“Some artists have a count-in: a person literally speaking the name of the song and a count in.  So for Emotions, it could have been like this:  ‘Emotions. 1-2-3-4’ (artist starts singing).

He states that without having a vocal cue, it is easy to see why she (or anyone) would mess up in that situation.

Still a Phenomenal Singer

In terms of being a bad singer, Wes stands by Mariah’s vocal talents.

“I also must say that it’s really easy for the media to make fun of Mariah and say she just can’t sing. That clearly isn’t the case,” states Wes. “The woman has a 7 octave range voice and is one of the most incredibly gifted singers I have ever heard.  It was just a bad night with some major technical mistakes. “

To learn more about how to avoid these mistakes and to become a leading expert in the field of audio engineering, contact MediaTech today at 866-298-11 or visit us online at www.mediatech.edu.  We can talk to you all about our Recording Arts Program in Houston TX and how to get you on your path to sound engineering.  And don’t forget to share your thoughts with us on Mariah’s memorable performance!

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