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If you want to learn web development, keep reading! A web developer programs web pages, and is more focused on the way a website works than how it looks. As a web designer, you’re responsible for programming the code that instructs a website how to function. At MediaTech, you’ll learn to design and write code, building user friendly websites from the bottom up. Applying code to form function and design is the art of web design.

Mediatech Web Design & Development Program

Web Development & design Program

Diploma Program : 45 Weeks

The Web Design and Development Program is a one-year program designed to help you learn web development and gain vital skills. Currently offered at the Dallas and Houston campuses, the Web Design and Development program teaches you how to take an idea and turn it into a website. This program lays down the foundation for a career as a Web Designer. Highly skilled professionals with real-industry experience and knowledge teach this hands-on course, ensuring that you have expertise from which to learn.

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Web Developer Careers

As a graduate of the Web Design and Development program you have many career options for employment. Recent surveys have revealed that Dallas is one of the top 10 cities in the US for Web Developers. ┬áThe need for Web Designers continues to grow in today’s market and we expect to see a continual demand for the type of skills you will gain in your web development classes at MediaTech Institute.

You could work as a professional….

Web Developer, Media Designer, Web Designer, Front-end Developer, Web Content Developer, Web Consultant, iPhone Programmer, Social Media Manger, IT Specialist

You could work in a creative & technical environment like…

Software Company, Social Media Company, Gaming Company, Advertising Agency, Web Services Company, Creative Depatment, Browser Company, Database Company, Animaiton Company, IT Company, Digital Technology Company

Or, you could choose to work freelance for a variety of different companies or even for yourself!

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For disclosures of tuition costs, on-time graduation rates, median loan debt, and more: Dallas Web Design & Development / Houston Web Design & Development