Take your passion for beauty, glamour and gore to the next level by learning the skills you need from industry professionals to become a Master in Makeup Artistry! Our method is “Hands-On Training”. Sketching, painting, sculpting, molding and casting is what you will learn on the road to makeup for live events such as weddings, runway shows and red carpet, to looks only a mother could love such as monster and creature makeup!

The future of makeup is CGI & digital. Every special effect starts with an actor in a makeup chair. With our professional green screen, live sound stage, specialized lighting, airbrush equipment, microblading & permanent tattoo machines, and more, you will have all the tools you need to support your training.

Master Makeup Artistry Associate of Arts Degree Program

Degree: 60 Weeks (15 Months) | 4 Semesters | 64 Credits

The Associates Degree in Master Makeup Artistry is designed to provide the student with the skills necessary as an entry-level artist equipped for professional employment in the field of makeup for multimedia, the salon environment, retail opportunities, and so much more!

The Master Makeup Artistry Degree Program at MediaTech is Unique!

Here you’ll get real world experience learning the crucial nitty gritty of the business-from set etiquette and self promotion to working with clients and colleagues. In your last semester a real production company is formed as our film production, acting & audio classes merge, bringing all elements of design and creativity to life. When you receive your degree in Master Makeup Artistry from MediaTech, you’ll be prepared to create, replicate & design for the silver screen, the small screen, the photoshoot or the runway.

Graduates of the Master Makeup Artistry Degree Program will leave with not only skills and knowledge, they will be equipped with a headshot & resume, digital portfolio, makeup kit & brushes, business cards & custom invoice and most important, the confidence and support it takes to get work in a creative, competitive field.

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