App Programming & Development

Learn to code Put your career on the fast track to the future!

MediaTech is now enrolling for our next Mobile App Development class!

The app development class is designed to focus on creating a portfolio of iOS apps that students will publish to the App Store using the newest mobile technologies.

Here are some of the apps you will build during the class:

App Development class portfolio

We will make real apps during the class to show off to potential employers.


After 45 weeks of hard work, you will be prepared for an entry-level job that both CNN Money and US News & World Report rank as the #1 job in America.

According to the job site,, the average salary of an iOS app developer in the US is $115,289 per year! That doesn’t include the excellent benefits and bonuses that they get. More importantly, the average entry-level salary (straight out of school) in Dallas is $66,976!



Can you learn to code?

One of the biggest myths about learning to code is that you have to be a genius. Not true!

Do you need to be great at math?

This is not a math course. If you did ok in high school algebra, without much struggle, you’ll be fine. However, you need to be good at logical thinking. If you have concerns about this, email the instructor, Justin Lewis.

What other skills do you need to succeed in this class?

The only other thing you’ll need is the right attitude. If you are responsible, hard-working, and try your best throughout the course, in addition to having some logical puzzle solving skills the sky is the limit as to what you could do!

App Development class graphic

Course Overview

This is a 45 week, immersive, in-person class.

The curriculum will teach the student to develop iPhone & iPad apps using the Swift programming language.

Here are some of the topics we will cover this year:

  • Swift Programming
  • iOS Mobile App Development 
  • User Interface Design 
  • Computer Science Concepts
  • Software Engineering Fundamentals 
  • Views & View Controllers
  • Persistent Data Storage
  • Graphics & Sound
  • Game Development
  • Frameworks & Libraries
  • Web-Connected Apps (e.g. REST API, and backend services)
  • Accessibility & Internationalization
  • Developing for Non-iOS devices (e.g. TVOS, watchOS, iMessage, MacOS)
  • Maps & Location
  • SiriKit & Voice interfaces
  • Augmented & Virtual Reality
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Monetization Methods
  • App Store Publishing/Marketing

For disclosures of tuition costs, on-time graduation rates, median loan debt, and more: Dallas Mobile App Development / Houston Mobile App Development