Zach Clower

My name is Zachary (Zack) Clower. I’m 26 years old and I wasn’t born in Texas, but I moved here when I was only five months old. I was born in Shady Grove, Maryland, and lived in Bernice, Louisiana, before settling in Texas. I grew up in Carrollton, Texas, and graduated from Newman Smith High School. I worked in retail sales for a few years, but really had a passion to get back into anything to do with music.

I love all genres of music and can play piano by ear just like my dad. I also make music outside of Mediatech, including rapping, singing, post-production mixing, and mastering on programs such as Nuendo. I have been in the band, Half Past Strange, for the last year.

I enjoy watching and participating in all kinds of sports. I’ve played professional dodgeball for 10 years for Adrenaline Rush based in Dallas, Texas. We have won many regional championships and placed in several national championships around the country.

I graduated from Mediatech in the Recording Arts program in 2013. I now work in the Admissions Office at Mediatech and really enjoy working here to help other people follow their dreams.