Steven Goyette

Since leaving Rochester, NY in the late 1970’s I have spent the last 35 years in the film & video production field in Houston, Texas. I have produced, directed, written, designed, shot, filmed, photographed, mic’ed, boomed, recorded, edited, lit, stowed, trucked, dollied, packed, assisted, storyboarded… held many a client’s hand as well as their wallet, credit cards, and dinner dates, joked, smoked, drank, laughed, cried, lived and died by the business. “It’s all about common sense and being flexible.” I hold a BS degree in RTF from Southern Illinois University and an AAS degree in Journalism Technology from SUNY Morrisville. Both degrees I attained compliments of the GI Bill and my honorable discharge from the U.S. Army. Prior to that I attended both Monroe Community College and Onondaga Community College for Police Science after graduating from West Genesee Senior High School in Camillus, New York. Outside of being a newspaper boy, horse stable worker, stock clerk, carpenter, meat cutter, campus dormitory RA, medical data entry clerk, hospital admitting officer and a stint as a manager of product photography and pre-press services I did a lot of things just to help a friend or to benefit a cause. I’ve done plenty of freelance jobs. Often, concurrently with my full time positions. Everything from a scenic postcard photographer, mural artist, graphic designer and layout artist for small businesses, roadie and sound tech for rock bands, local bars and churches (sometimes the audiences were one and the same, mere hours apart). In my spare time I read, research my family’s history, dabble in watercolor painting, draw, film interesting scenes in motion and still, listen to live music and look for creative ways to assist others.