Kevin Barron

Proud MediaTech graduate Kevin Barron earned his Associate of Applied Science degree in 2017 through our school’s Recording Arts program. He offers a helping hand on campus as a Tech, and has experience in live sound, studio recording, songwriting, live performance and artist booking/promotion.

Born in Dallas, Kevin was raised in a family full of musicians. “Growing up as a kid, there was always some sort of instrument being played or melody being sung nearby. It was a lucky break for sure.” He began pursuing music as a singer/songwriter in 2010 after completing submarine service enlistment in the US Navy. He has performed regionally from Texas to the East coast, including most D/FW hole-in-the-wall dives. While a member of the band Barron Brothers, he opened for various acts such as Grammy winner Robert Cray, and local favorites such as Jonathan Tyler and the Northern Lights, Mean Motor Scooter and Grant Bloom. Kevin is a member of ASCAP, and enjoys helping other dreamers, artists and musicians seek their creative visions.