Keith Duncan


Keith Randal Duncan is currently an instructor at MediaTech for the Digital Film Program 401 Script to Screen class. Keith has been in the moving image industry for over 30 years. He has worked as a producer, director, writer, videographer, assistant cameraman (Film), special effects make-up artist, effects coordinator and a grip and has also worked on several independent feature films.

He is a former two term board member of the Dallas Producers Association, a founding member of the Texas Motion Picture Alliance and a member of the American Film Institute.

Keith has also founded a nonprofit educational effort, The Movie Institute, that teaches teens and children how to create movies and commercials of their own of which MediaTech has been a 5 year sponsor.

Some of his most recent projects are HD short films as Executive Producer for MediaTech Institute. The HD digital short films include a. award-winning science fiction drama titled “Pleasant Dreams”, a contemporary comedy titled “The Keith Coogan Experience” with actor Keith Coogan (“Soulkeeper”, “Toy Soldiers”, “Adventures in Babysitting”) and many more. Keith is in post production on a science fiction/drama feature film “Protocol 47” begun at MediaTech and also in development on a multimedia entertainment project “Battle Run” that includes a feature film, a web series, a television series and graphic novel.