Julye Newlin

Let’s face it, I love photography. When I peeled my first 880 Land Camera
Polaroid I was hooked. Photography merged my two favorite subjects, physics
and chemistry into a real-time petri dish. After 25 years behind the lens all I know is,
I love my job.

I continue to work tirelessly to provide my customers with entertaining professional experiences
during production. Julye Newlin Productions, Inc., has an international list of
clientele in aeronautics, medicine, energy, education, construction, and media.
I strive to deliver quality, integrity, and persistence in everything I do.

I have always wanted to spend a portion of my career sharing ideas, experiences, and
possibilities with the future generation of filmmakers. Engaging students with all forms of media
can provide them with the potential to become storytellers. Guiding them through the mechanical
and interpretive waters of art remains the biggest challenge of my career.

What are your degrees and certifications?
BA – Motion Picture and Video Technology – Brooks Institute of Photography, 1989
MH – Film History and Communications – Tiffin University, 2014

What other jobs led you to your current career?
All of them. Like many before me I swept floors, made coffee, answered phones and cleaned commodes, there is no job too small to learn the value of work, pride, and precision. I try to remember that I only spend 2% of my career doing what I love, the other 98% is doing tasks I care for much less than making images. So I try to learn everything I can about the world around me, I know someday that cornucopia of trivial pursuit gold will prove useful. Never stop being curious. Ray Kroc said it best, “When you are green you’re growing, when you are ripe you’re rotten.”