Gary Foster

Gary Foster’s career in television began in 1974 as a high school senior. Starting as a camera operator at KFDX-TV in Wichita Falls, Texas, Gary graduated to Director of the morning news show and would soon direct both 6pm and 10pm newscasts.

In 1976, Gary enrolled at Abilene Christian University, where he served as News Director and Program Director of the campus radio station. Working to pay his college tuition, Gary worked in the Abilene market as a television sports journalist, country music disc jockey and a daily tv news reporter. Before he graduated in
1979, Gary was producer and one of the announcers for KACU Today, a news show that won the “Best Radio News Broadcast – University” award from the Texas Associated Press.

After graduation, Gary’s reel was strong enough to be hired to work on a nationally syndicated show, PM Magazine. First working for local affiliates, he was hired by the show’s creator to work on another program. Stationed first in Washington, D.C. and then Atlanta, Gary shot features in Europe, Canada, Mexico and most of the continental United States.

In 1982, Gary accepted the opportunity to develop and produce a new talk show at KSTP-TV in
Minneapolis, MN. Although the show was very highly rated, at the height of the show’s success, Gary left
to follow his fiancé, Stephanie, to Los Angeles.

Gary found his talent, experience and varied production background positioned him to quickly begin
working independently as a director, cameraman, or editor. Establishing his own freelance production
business his clients soon included Showtime, CBN, BBC as well as all the major television networks:

Besides broadcast television, Gary worked on the first training films for Kinkos; partnered with Mary Hart
of Entertainment Tonight and Deidre Hall from Days of Our Lives in creating video resumes for actors and
was asked by Academy winning producer, Arthur Shapiro to edit on a series of his documentaries starring
Whoopie Goldberg and Tom Selleck. At the same time, Gary was editing movie trailers for New Wave
Entertainment, which included Pretty Women, Little Mermaid and Dick Tracy.

Gary’s fondest experiences in Hollywood revolve around his professional relationship with Laugh In and
Real People producer, George Schlatter. While working for George, Gary was nominated for five
National Emmy Awards (3 for editing and 2 for camerawork). “There were many projects where I would
write, direct, shoot and edit a segment. George was one of the few producer’s in Hollywood who was
willing to utilize all of my skills.” Those skills were used vigorously for a concert tour simply entitled: The
Ultimate Event with Frank, Sammy and Liza. Riding around in a limo with Frank Sinatra is an experience
you never forget.”

As the 1990’s began, Gary and his wife Stephanie decided that Los Angeles was not a place to settle
down. Living for a few years in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Gary worked with corporations like John Deere,
Miller Brewing, Johnson Wax, Kohler, Bank One, Yamaha and President George H. Bush’s reelection
campaign. While in Wisconsin, Gary entered only one competition and won, taking home a Telly Award
for a series of spots starring Kelsey Grammer.

Having been in the video production business for 20 years, in 1994, Gary decided he needed to become
part of a more stable working environment. He had been away from his native Texas for too long, so
moving to Sugar Land, he was hire as the Post Production Supervisor for Bill Young Productions. In that
role, Gary edited literally 100-150 music videos and in 1995, Bill Young Productions swept the Music
Video category at the Houston International Film Festival, taking Gold, Silver, Bronze and Honorable
Mention… all with videos edited by Gary.

Through the last two decades Gary has worked with numerous advertising editing commercials for
Memorial-Hermann Hospital, Texas Ford Dealers, Houston Metro and more. His work also included
presentations for Phillip66, Haliburton and Waste Management along with many other Fortune 500
companies. During the Horizon oil spill incident, Gary lived in Louisiana for 9 months, documenting BP’s
cleanup efforts for the BP.

Starting around 2001, Gary continued to work for BYP at their satellite office, Texas Video and Post.
serving as Senior Editor. At night, he was a part-time instructor at the Art Institute of Houston.
After more than 40 years in video production, Gary decided he needed a change. In 2017, he left Bill
Young Productions and is currently becoming certified as a Texas State Teacher. Between his studies,
classes and exams, he services a few select video clients and teaches Digital Film Production at
MediaTech Institute in Houston.

Gary is working on a screenplay (isn’t everyone?) while geocaching, playing guitar, watching movies and
showing AKC Champion Tibetan Terriers with his wife, Stephanie.