Cristal Givens

Instructor, Dallas

Cristal Givens has always had a musical passion and an entrepreneurial spirit. Immediately out of high school, she began working at Sound Warehouse, interning with PGD and various indie labels and distributors, while attending college. Within four years, she was running her own grass-roots music marketing company, working with artists and labels such as Ani DiFranco’s Righteous Babe, Capricorn Records, Pointblank Records, Blue Thumb Records and Osmose Productions. In addition to 12+ years in music marketing, she has 15+ years in traditional digital marketing, including co-ownership in the digital agency Content Pilot. She now heads the operations of Alchemy Music, a new concept music school and talent development program she launched in 2014. As of October 2017, she teaches Business of Music at MediaTech Institute’s Dallas campus.