Aaron Anderson

Aaron Anderson has always had a passion for music and grew up listening to artist like Michael Jackson, Prince, Boys II Men, Jodeci, R Kelly, Usher, etc. Aaron also enjoys a wide range of rock, pop, classical, and even country music. He started out rapping with family and friends, but after that didn’t go as planned, Aaron decided to start engineering and producing and eventually attended Full Sail University in Orlando, FL.

After graduating, Aaron spent a significant amount of time in Los Angeles, California where he was given the opportunity to work with and learn from many talented and accredited writers and producers such as Neill McKlellan, Andrew Lane and Sam Salter, to name a few. While in LA, Aaron gained valuable experience with music in both a music licensing and album making capacity working with a lot of up and coming talent.

Most recently, Aaron has been traveling and gaining live sound experience working on a cruise ship and with several land based A/V companies. He feels it is important to be well rounded. Aaron is inspired by life and pain and describes his self as a perfectionist who is never satisfied.  Aaron states, ”Maybe one day I’ll consider myself good, but until then, and even after that point I’ll always strive to be better.”