Exciting Career with a future!

Are you passionate about the Internet? Would you like to be paid to play on the computer? If that sounds good to you then MediaTech can help you pursue your career as a Web Developer.

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What is a web developer & what do they do?

A Web developer programs web pages, and is more focused on the way a website works than how it looks. As a web designer your responsible for programming the code that instructs a website how to function. At MediaTech you’ll learn to design and write code, building user friendly websites from the bottom up. Applying code to form function and design is the art of web design.
My instructors were incredible. Not only were they totally qualified, they were really interested in helping the students further their own career.
Recording Arts and Digital Film Graduate
I cannot thank you enough for lining up my internship at Arlyn. I absolutely love every minute of it. I'm surrounded by amazing people and professionals and I'm learning so much. I'm still working in the Production Crew for Intelligent Lighting Design. I can say the same for the people there too. I'm enjoying life in Austin, post MediaTech.
Whitney Gonzales
Recording Arts Graduate
MediaTech provided the idea, program and opportunity for me to learn the ins-and-outs of the music industry from several different angles and meet multiple contacts, which have both proven to be invaluable.
Brian Faries
Recording Arts Graduate
Getting to work on SMU The Climb was an incredible opportunity, and really highlights what the MediaTech experience is all about.  I attended MediaTech because of their focus on giving students a true hands-on experience.  This wasn't a class project that ended up on a DVD to show off to our parents and friends.  This was an opportunity to work withreal professionals in the industry on a project that aired on TV - a much cooler feeling than when you show it off to your parents.  If it weren't for MediaTech, I would have never been given the opportunity to work on this kind of project this early in my career.
JD Davis
Digital Film & Video Arts Graduate
My MediaTech experience not only enhanced my already God given abilities but it took them to a place where I could make serious use out them. That was the most fun learning I have ever had in my lifetime.
Mouse Quake
Recording Arts Graduate
I came into MediaTech not knowing where my life was supposed to go. I left MediaTech with the knowledge and experience to compete for high level jobs in the industry. I've ran sound for large venues, recorded hundreds of bands, and am now the AV Operations Manager at one of the most prestigious private schools in the country.
Stephen Hill
Recording Arts Graduate
I graduated from MediaTech in 2008. I ended up in the radio business and have been working as the Program Director and Morning Show Host. I use my MediaTech education everyday producing radio ads and editing and producing radio shows, but moreover, I use the skills of professionalism, organization, and time management that were instilled in me while learning at MediaTech.
Kenny Allen
Recording Arts Graduate