Jacob Meador

Instructor (Recording Arts)


Jacob has been teaching recording arts at MediaTech Institute since 2003. He spends his weekends providing both sound reinforcement and music mixing for the online service stream at River Pointe Church.

In 2014, Jacob built Orchestrate Sound, a stand-alone recording studio, at his home in the Village of Pleak, TX. Orchestrate Sound is an 800 square foot space, which includes a large control room, comfortable isolation booth, and a modest, but large sounding tracking room. The studio is full of fantastic preamps, microphones, and a collection of unique instruments to inspire the creative artist. Located in the country, Orchestrate Sound provides a unique getaway from the fast-paced city life of Houston. The Studio was designed, wired and constructed by Jacob with the help of Mediatech Houston graduates, Brittany Gura and Christian Shoquist.

In the studio, Jacob’s current work includes turnkey album productions for local songwriters and churches, as well as mixing and mastering services. In 2014 Jacob began providing live, in-studio, music video production services.

His video work includes productions for The Voice contestants Savannah Berry and Mary Sarah, as well as incredible songwriter, Kip Fox.

Another current project that Jacob is involved in, is a studio resurrection of sorts. A Phoenix, AZ studio, previously called Highland Recorders, is being brought back to life as The Sound Museum after years of being used as a book publishing facility. Jacob’s role is to consult with the general contractor on acoustic design and isolation as well as carry out all wiring and equipment integration. The studio will feature a large selection of vintage equipment. Most notably, the studio will feature a real Fairchild 670 compressor and a 1973 API 2084.

Jacob is raising 2 girls with his wife of 21 years, Jill. In his spare time Jacob fronts a band called Beautiful Contributors.