Studio H

Location: Dallas

Studio H is equipped with specialized tools for production and editing in a 5.1 Surround Sound environment, making it perfect for both audio and video editing projects. Apple, Digidesign, M-Audio, and other programs contribute to the powerful editing ability in Studio H.
Apple Mac Pro Computer Pro Tools 12 HDX system

Avid S3 Control Surface
Avid iPad dock controller
Studiotech Monitor controller
5.1 surround and stereo monitoring
(3) M-Audio BX8a Active Surround
(2) JBL Active Surround speakers
JBL 12” Active Subwoofer
Apple Mac Pro Tower with
24” Samsung HD Display
22” Secondary Monitor
Presonus VXP Preamp
T.C. Electronic M200 effects Unit
Outboard Equipment:
TL Audio Indigo Compressor
DBX 266XS Compressor
Alesis Midiverb
Studio Microphones:
(4) AKG 451
(2) AKG D-112
(2) AKG C-418 AKG C-1000
(2) AKG C-3000 Audix D-1
(2) Audix D-2
(2) Audix D-3
(2) Audix D-6
(3) Audix ADX-90 AudioTechnica 3035
(2) Apex430
(5) Beyer 201
(2) Beyer M-88
(2) Beyer X1N(C)
(2) Cascade Fathead II
(2) Crown PZM 30-D