Studio B

Location: Dallas

Studio B’s newly renovated control room and studio is a great choice for digital recording, digital audio editing, album production, and commercial production. One of the outstanding features of Studio B is the SSL Duality console 24 in / 24 out. The studio also features a main cutting room with 20-foot ceilings, a piano room, a large ISO room, and mic line access to our 5,000-square-foot soundstage.

Control Room: 10′ x 13′
Iso Booth: 11′ x 9′
SSL Duality
Adam S6X
Yamaha HS-8 nearfield
Pro Tools HDX with Pro
Tools 12
Avid HD Sync I/O
Otari MTR-90
Outboard Gear:
Manley VoxBox
Grace preamps
Universal LA2A tube compressor
Empirical Labs Distressor
Universal Audio LA-2A
UREI 1176 LN
DBX 165A
Lexicon PCM81
T.C. Electronics M-ONE
Yamaha R3
Yamaha Rev 500
BRICASTI Convolution reverb