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Animation School in San Diego

Looking to start an exciting career in animation and looking for Animation School in San Diego ? MediaTech Institute in San Diego has you covered. We have one of the most comprehensive and thorough Visual Effects & Animation schools in SoCal, and San Diego. Our instructors are seasoned industry veterans who know the ins and outs of the industry and teach you the problem-solving skills you need to make it in the competitive field of animation. With our 45 Week program, we will have you educated and on to your starting your career. Animation School in San Diego Curriculum In 45 Read more
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Animation Degree Programs in San Diego

So you’ve been a doodler all your life, you’ve studied every frame of your favorite animated movies and now you’re ready to find animation degree programs in San Diego. Great ! Let MediaTech Institute in San Diego help you on your exciting animation career with our Animation & Visual Effects program. We have the most talented instructors in SoCal and San Diego. We only hire industry professionals with a background in Animation and visual effects. We do this so you have the most comprehensive education, and learn real world problem solving skills. Animation Degree Programs in San Diego Curriculum Overview Read more
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Video Production Training in San Diego

Looking to start a career in film & video and looking for video production training in San Diego ? MediaTech Institute has you covered. We are one of the few schools that teach you hands on video production skills from day one. MediaTech knows that you learn the best by doing, and from your first day at school you will get the hands-on experience that you need. Don’t worry about being ready for the ever-changing landscape of New Media, we hire only industry trained veterans to teach our students. This is good for two reasons. One: you learn actual working Read more
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San Diego Video Production School

Are you looking to start your career in the video production field and are looking into San Diego Video Production Schools ? MediaTech Institute has you covered. We are your #1 choice when it comes to getting your film degree in San Diego, and we have the industry trained staff and instructors to get you the results you need.  We only hire the best and brightest in the Video production & Film industry to ensure that our students get the most comprehensive and hands on training in SoCal. You Learn the best by doing, and that’s how you learn from day Read more
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Film School in San Diego

Looking to start a Hollywood career and looking start with a film school in San Diego ? MediaTech Institute in Oceanside, San Diego, California might just be the most fiscally smart option. We boast the most comprehensive film program in Southern California. We have outlined one of the most detailed and complete curriculums for film & video production, and other schools are starting to take notice. Not only have we gone through the painstaking process of hiring the most qualified and industry savvy staff, but we have developed an all-encompassing program that gets you educated and working by within 45 Read more
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Visual Effects Courses in San Diego

Are you passionate about movies and looking to enroll in visual effects courses in San Diego ? Then MediaTech Institute in Oceanside, San Diego, Ca wants you! We are looking for like-minded people who want to further their career in the Visual Effects industry. Our faculty are industry trained and veterans of the Special Effects & Visual Effects world. They teach you hands on, in real world settings, the tools and problem-solving skills you’ll need to make your calling a reality. At MediaTech, we believe that you should do what you love and love what you do. Curriculum Overview of Visual Read more
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San Diego Degree in Film Production

Mediatech is your top solution for a San Diego degree in film production. We gear up students to make an exciting career in digital film and video production from the ground up with our hands-on approach to learning. We know the best way to learn the right way is to do it. From day one, you are learning the ends and outs of camera operation, lighting, and miking a sounds stage.  Our ground up approach is the foundation of how students learn correctly and acquire valuable trouble shooting skills. At MediaTech, we teach you to do what you love and love what Read more
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Video Production Programs in San Diego

Are you looking to get into the fast-paced and exciting career with our Video Production Programs in San Diego ? Mediatech Institute wants to excel you career in production with our Film & Video Production degree program. With our accelerated 45 week program, we’ll have you educated from the ground up and out into the job market in less than a year. This industry moves fast, and with professional tools being made available to the public at low costs, being educated in what makes a great video, and the production efforts involved is what separates the amateurs from the professionals. Job Read more
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San Diego Degree in Film

Looking for a San Diego Degree in Film ? Mediatech has one of the most comprehensive film degree programs in Southern California. From the start, you’ll be working closely with seasoned industry professionals lighting stages, striping and miking for audio, and getting behind the lens. This whole education experience was laid out to give you the hands-on training that gives you the unique ability to problem solve while in your career. So roll audio, quiet on the set, and hit action on a rewarding career in Film with Mediatech Insitute. San Diego’s #1 destination for future directors, producers, and production specialist. Read more
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San Diego Film Production Training

So you want to start a career in media, why not enroll at Mediatech institute for San Diego film production training. We some of have southern California’s most sought after teachers and instructors with real industry experience.  Want to learn how to chroma key properly? How about lighting a stage for your next webisode? No matter what you’re trying to learn in film or video, Mediatech has you covered. We teach you key fundamentals that gives you a solid ground in video production, and then give you insights in where the industry is headed; giving you a much-needed edge. San Read more