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Recording Arts Program Dallas TX: Celedrick Brown’s Story

If you are interested in a recording arts program in Dallas TX, look no further than the top notch classes at MediaTech Institute.  Our highly rated professors are also professionals in their industries and offer students real life knowledge and experience that they can’t get anywhere else. MediaTech Spring 2015 alumni, Celedrick Brown took some time recently to share some insight with us on his experience while attending MediaTech, some of his favorite memories, his current endeavors and words of advice for future students. About Celdrick Coming from a musically gifted family, Celedrick Brown knew that he had a future Read more
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Recording Arts Program Dallas TX: Get More Hands-on Experience

A great recording arts program in Dallas TX prepares you for the types of things you’ll encounter in your career. Like Johnny Apple, if you get your training at MediaTech, you’ll be able to feel confident when your job requires you to take the next step in deepening your knowledge of the recording arts field. When he was looking into the schools available to train him for his future, he considered FullSail, but opted for MediaTech because he felt he would have more hand-on time on the boards to really hone his skill set. That’s what we strive for at Read more
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The Importance of a Recording Timeline

We’ve all been there. The drummer overslept, the guitarist is late, and the bass player has to leave early to hang out with his girlfriend. None of us enjoy being in this kind of a situation, and that is why having a planned out recording schedule can help improve session flow and save you time (and money). Assuming your band is well rehearsed and prepared for their recording session, there are several steps you will want to take to prevent the session from coming to a screeching halt. The key factor to preparing for a productive recording session is a Session Read more