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If you are looking for a respected recording arts certificate program Austin TX or one of our other great programs, look no further than MediaTech Institute.

Known for its casual and playful nature, Austin is the playground of Texas, the Live Music Capital of the World and The Indy Hollywood! Situated at the center of the Lone Star State, it stands as the gateway to the Texas Hill Country and the Highland Lakes. As the state capital, the city supports a politically charged and culturally rich environment. It’s hip, trendy, and high-tech. A large creative population-primarily musicians and artists- enhances its eclectic nature.

MediaTech’s Austin Studio A features a custom 56-channel Solid State Logic 6000E/G series analog console, which was transplanted from the legendary Dallas Sound Lab studios. Stevie Ray Vaughan, Phil Collins, ZZ Top, and Pantera are just a few of the inspiring artists that recorded on this console. Students will be able to record to virtually limitless tracks on ProTools HDX, with a growing collection of outboard gear and microphones to round out the learning experience. Studio B houses an AVID C24 control surface that connects via two AVID HD I/O units to a 
Mac Pro running Pro Tools 10 HD. Genelec 8040A’s are used for monitoring. Studio C features an AVID ICON D-Control ES that controls Pro Tools 10 HD on a Mac Pro.
 Associated HD components include two HD I/O’s, a SYNC HD, and an XMON. An Ebtech Line 
Level Shifter and a Furman Power Conditioner comprise the remaining rack units. The room
has four wall mounted Genelec 8020B monitors and three near field Genelec 8040A monitors for a complete 5.1 surround sound configuration. This positions MediaTech Institute as the best associate degree program in Austin TX, where students have access to professional-grade equipment and can gain real world experience, while learning from industry pro’s.

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