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Web Development Programs Dallas TX: Web Developer Vs Web Designer

web development programs dallas txIf you are a techie who loves computers and who wants to make a living building websites for the internet, MediaTech Institute’s web development programs in Dallas, TX are a great starting point.  To build a successful career online, formal training programs are a must.  Not only will they give you the tools you need to have an advantage over other job seekers; but they’ll also help you to decide which area of website building is right for you – web design or web development.  To help you to find out whether you’re a web developer or a web designer, here are the answers to some questions you may have about both:

Is Web Development Harder Than Web Design?

There are some common misconceptions when it comes to web development vs web design, the biggest of which is that web development is harder than web design.  Because web development requires higher-level programming skills than web design, it can be more difficult to master.  You must remember that the converse is also true – that because web design involves innate creativity and design sense rather than learned skills, it can also be difficult to master.  What makes one aspect of website building harder than the other is the ability, or way of thinking, of the person doing the work.          

Do Web Designers Know How To Code?

Generally, web developers are responsible for programming the code that tells a website how to function and web designers make sure that websites are aesthetically-pleasing and are functional and easy to use.  While there are print and digital designers who don’t code, most web designers know how to write HTML and CSS code.  Web designers with next-level skills like SASS or Javascript are rare, though they do exist.

What Do Web Designers And Developers Do To Create A Website?

While both web designers and web developers can build a website independent of the other, they work best as a team.  Designers focus on the design and planning of the user experience and developers focus on writing the code.  Both know HTML and CSS but designers use Photoshop and choose typography, color palettes, responsive design elements and user experience design elements like mockups, wireframes, user flows and site maps while developers use Javascript, jQuery, GitHub and more advanced tools like SASS and PHP/Wordpress.  With MediaTech Institute’s web development programs in Dallas, TX, you’ll find out more about what both designers and developers do to create websites.

Which Career Is A Better Fit For You?

Put simply, web designers tend to be more visual.  They rely on intuition and feeling instead of hard numbers or facts.  Web designers are good at concepts and the bigger picture rather than details, which they would leave for the last.  Web developers are more logical, mathematical and scientific.  When it comes to projects, a developer would worry first about getting the details right instead of the big picture.  If you see yourself in either of these basic descriptions of web designers and developers, then you’ll know which path to take in your career.

To find out more about web design and development, explore MediaTech Institute’s web development programs in Dallas, TX.  Call MediaTech Institute at (866) 498-1122 or visit www.mediatech.edu.

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