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Web Design Course In Houston, TX: Learn SEO-Friendly Web Design

web design course houston txWhen you take a MediaTech Institute web design course in Houston, TX, you’ll learn every element of web design, from choosing the right colors and fonts to figuring out the best layout for each page.  One of the most important things you’ll learn in a MediaTech Institute web design course in Houston, TX is what search engine optimization, or SEO, is and how to incorporate it into websites you design.  SEO is a way of improving the visibility of websites by moving them to the top of search results pages on search engines like Google and Bing.  Here are some of the components of SEO that you’ll learn more about that will push websites you design to the top of results pages:  


Keywords are an essential part of SEO and they will bring in customers who actually want what your clients are selling.  They are the words customers put into search bars and they are the words you want search engines to find.  At MediaTech Institute, you’ll learn that the first step in incorporating keywords into websites is to create a list of potential keywords – broad and targeted – and then to determine through online research how many other businesses are using those keywords and how often they are searched for.  Placing the keywords in at least 6 places on each of a website’s pages is the next critical step.

SEO-Friendly Navigation

If the navigation (or menu) on your websites are too complex or flashy, the search engine spiders that crawl the web following links may not be able to find any of your sites’ subpages. These kinds of menus are also not friendly to mobile devices, which are fast becoming the tools of choice for internet browsing.  Adding a text link-based menu or cascading style sheets (CSS) may be the solution to this problem.  CSS can give you the best of both worlds – text link-based menus and an impressively flashy menu for customers.

SEO-Friendly URLs

The URL for your websites should include words that quickly identify what a page is about.  Including keywords is one way to do this and can make a URL more straightforward..  URLs that contain too many numbers and not enough descriptors may be harder for search engines to find.

Social Media Links

These links are becoming ever more important as more social media outlets pop up on the internet.  Websites you design should have links to social media sites that your clients have an active presence on – Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and others.  When they have followers, they have people and potential customers who spread the word about their businesses. And these “social signals” are fast becoming a major part of search engines rankings.

A MediaTech Institute web design course in Houston, TX is just the beginning of your career in web design.  Call MediaTech Institute at (866) 498-1122 or visit www.mediatech.edu to learn more about our web design and development program and how to enroll.  

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