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Video Production Programs In Dallas, TX: Build Your Career In Video

video production programs dallas txAt MediaTech Institute, our video production programs in Dallas, TX can be the building blocks on which you base your career in the video and film industry.  But like most careers in entertainment, it’s almost impossible to start at the top, unless you’re the scion of a prominent entertainment family, so you’re likely going to have to work your way to the top.  Starting with entry-level positions not only gets you noticed by people in your chosen field, it also gives you valuable experience that you can use to continue moving up the industry ladder.  These are just some of the jobs you’ll find on that ladder that will help to reach your career goals:

▪ Internship

Internships are a great way to get your foot in the door of the entertainment industry.  Internships are available at most larger studios, and even some of the smaller ones, even if you’ve already completed your course of study.  It’s important to note that these internships are highly sought-after and you’ll be facing serious competition for them; but if you succeed in landing an internship, you can be sure it will have been worth the effort.  You should also note that most internships are unpaid and are treated as an exchange of services – you provide the company with labor and they give you hands-on training and real-world experience.

▪ Production Assistant

When it comes to paying jobs in the industry, the lowest level is the production assistant, or PA.  A PA position is basically thankless and requires many hours of unskilled labor like fetching coffee, delivering scripts, making copies, etc. but it will allow you to immerse yourself in the world of film and video.  And, if you pay attention and keep your eyes open, you will learn something about how professionals in your chosen field do what they do.

▪ Assistant Editor

If your dream is to become a video or film editor, your first job should be as an assistant editor.  Unlike PA jobs, assistant editor positions require some technical skill that you must demonstrate when you apply for a job.  If you are hired, your job will generally consist of digitizing and compiling footage for multi-camera shots, monitoring continuity, keeping logs of negative cut lists and compiling edit decision lists, among other tasks.  Basically, your job will be to make sure that all the preliminary work is done so that the editor can sit down and begin cutting.  

▪ Master Control Operator

A master control operator is responsible for monitoring the quality and accuracy of broadcast television product, ensuring that it follows government regulations, troubleshooting malfunctions and preparing programming for broadcast.  If your eye is on a career in television, then this is the starting point from which you can build it.  Because television never sleeps, you must be prepared for around-the-clock and holiday work.

Starting with MediaTech Institute’s video production programs in Dallas, TX will ensure that you have a good educational basis for your future career.  Find out more by calling us at MediaTech Institute at (866) 498-1122.  You can also visit us online at www.mediatech.edu, where you’ll be able to learn about our video production programs in Dallas, TX as well as our programs in the recording arts and in animation and visual effects.  

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